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Hi, I am confused whether or not my symptoms are of MS or Parkinsons Disease. My Neurologiest is not being helpful. He sent me to every medical profession the ends in a “ist” for months. Im getting tired of his avoidance, I would like to compare similarities with one that had/has the same. If you share my medical experiences, please let me know, and if you have more knowledge of what I could possibly have. Thanks, Linda

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1 year ago

Hi @burninglegsalso (Linda) and welcome.

I can understand why you’ve joined us, but we’ll be unable to give you any better answers than your Neurologist. We recognise that diagnosing an underlying condition that causes these symptoms is notoriously difficult.

Diagnosis is a combination of physical examination, tests (e.g. MRI Scans, Lumber Puncture, Visual Evoked Potentials) and your clinical history. It is therefore important that you maintain a diary of any strange symptoms, that can then be summarised to pass to your Neurologist.

Hope this helps

While no one can diagnose ms on a message board like this we can probably help you validate if based on your symptoms you had the same types of tests done. Can you describe your symptoms. Did they happen on both sides? Did they come and go? Did you have an MRI or a lumbar puncture? Did you check his reviews online? A second opinion would likely be worth getting.

1 year ago

Hi @burninglegsalso, MS is a collection of symptoms (and we all tick some of the many boxes, but probably not all)… my GP and neurologist were very slow to tell me what was going on. You really have to either be quite direct with them, or have a ‘champion’ with you, someone who can ask the difficult questions. I only found out recently, after many years of asking, that I have RR MS. The question was dodged for years for some reason. Even when I asked last time round I was told: you always ask me that question. (I responded that I had yet to receive an answer).

So, get a friend to go with you for your next appt. get the diary out and ask: what is this? Could it be MS? Could it be x, y, z.

This is advice I got from my friend whose mother has terminal cancer. If you don’t ask direct questions, you will not get direct answers. I was asked years ago if my handwriting was awful (now, that would strike me as a Parkinson’s question, but I’m no expert).

Good luck with it, lucyh xxx

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