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MRI – with a cold

I’ve got my MRI in about 3 hours and I’ve been trying everything I can think of over the last week to get rid of the cold I managed to catch. It’s not a bad cold, and all that’s really left is some minor congestion and the nasal drip. But it’s the drip that has me freaking out about the MRI. What if I cough uncontrollably? I am hydrated (but not too hydrated, don’t want to have to pee while I’m in there), I’ve been doing the neti pot religiously twice a day for a week and using a steroid nasal spray (at the advice of my doctor) – 2 squirts, 2x/day. Last thing I’ll try is a shot of delsym cough suppressant – I’ve heard it’s good stuff.

My neurology appt to go over results is 2 hours after the MRI appt so I don’t have time for them to start over, should I succumb to a cough. I’ve been trying all day when I feel the nasal drop to just do a slight throat clearing cough without moving – I think I’ve got that down!

Any other hints/tips/tricks?

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3 months ago

@isaacson72 , won’t you be OK when you’re lying down? Gravity won’t be working against you so much…………………… 😉

3 months ago

Good point – I hadn’t considered that. I’ve been practicing clearing my throat and swallowing without moving my spine for 2 days – but all while standing or sitting! Lying down might be better, I hope! I am not canceling – I have suspicions of things going on with all that finger twitching and don’t want to wait for my neuro’s next available appointment which is months away.

3 months ago

Stumbler is right, you can’t wipe anything away with a tissue cos you can’t move, I know it goes against everything we learn’t as children but let your nose run,we know what it’s like to wait months for a MRI, a day with a runny nose is a small price to pay, and go for the strongest cough medicine you can find and good luck😍

3 months ago

I made it through just fine — took a double dose of delsym cough suppressant and some afrin. Had some nasal drip but I swallowed. Once or twice he told me I could clear my throat but he gave me all of about 1.5 seconds so I never had enough time. Turns out all I had done was the brain MRI this time, I was told it would be the whole shebang but I guess not. That’s next year.
All is well. My reflexes have apparently become ms-y, but I don’t notice that very much. He raised my disability index to a 2 (out of 10, not sure if the UK has the same system) because of my bladder & reflexes. But no new brain lesions. I do have my doubts about what my hands are doing — had those weird tremors in both hands and have some trouble with grip & dexterity but he didn’t think it was worth another MRI at this point (??). It’s not a disabling problem, and I’m not a fan of the tube, so I’m ok to wait for a year. Unless something happens between now & then, of course, but let’s hope it doesn’t!

Anyway 40 minutes in there was better than 2 hours and I made it through for another year.

3 months ago

@isaacson72 , glad it went OK for you. Something not to be sniffed at……… 😉

2 months ago

Hi MIchelle, noticed that you are having Botox treatment. How is it going for you. I’m having mine in a couple of months depending on the hospital waiting lists here in Australia.

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