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MRI Results

Hi everybody,

My latest MRI results for Brain and Cervical Cord are in and my next Neurologist appointment is in the next couple of weeks. There’re no new lesions in Brain/Cord and I’ve had no relapses while I was on Gilenya. This was a good sign. But there was one line in the cervical cord review that concerned me. It goes :

“Lesions at C2-3 and T2 now show hypointensity on the post gadolinium T1 images only. This could represent artifact or early axonal loss.”

That was bothersome to read. What are the kind of symptoms from C2-C3 lesion should I be aware of ? Would it result in change of my DMT ?


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5 days ago

@arknat , it sounds like they’ve spotted some inflammation, which represents MS activity. This suggests that the Gilenya may not be working as well as you would hope.

Not all MS activity produces noticeable symptoms. It can quietly be causing “covert” damage.

It’s obviously something to be discussed with your Neuro. And to see whether a treatment review is warranted………….

5 days ago

@stumbler, thanks for your response. The full story was that these lesions were originally from an earlier MRI. This along with other new (enhanced) lesions in Brain was why I got started on Gilenya. After Gilenya, I did not have either new or enhanced ones in Brain and Spinal Cord. Nor did I get any relapses after.

But now, these cord lesions (not all but ones mentioned) are showing hypo-intensity on T1 images which are quite concerning. Does this also warrant changing DMT despite it being not a new enhancing lesion ? I’m not sure about that one …

5 days ago

@arknat , I’m not experienced enough to interpret this scenario.

It could be that there is negligible MS activity, that may be considered acceptable for the Gilenya?

Hopefully, your Neuro will supply the answers……..

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