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MRI on Monday

On Monday I have to go to the hospital for an MRI of the brain. It’s just a yearly check up, I haven’t had any new symptoms but my neuro just wants to be sure my MS is stable. I know, nothing to worry about but I’m already a bit stressed, bit afraid there are new lesions, and claustrophobic so an MRI is really horrible for me. I thought I would get used to it (I guess I already had 12 in 3 years) but seems like that’s not happening. I’m already thinking of great thing to think about during the MRI 😉 Maybe I should advice them to install a mindfulness session during the scan 😉

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3 months ago

@buitenmus , whatever the MRI shows isn’t going to change, no matter how much you stress about it. So why bother? You really don’t want to provoke a self-fulfilling prophecy………..

If you are concerned about the claustrophobic nature of the MRI scanner,then have a word with your GP, to prescribe a mild sedative to help.

And, do let the scanner staff know how you’re feeling. They’re used to patients feeling like that.

3 months ago

Like @stumbler says, talk to the staff.

I am (VERY!!!) claustrophobic and after talking to the MRI staff they found a solution, my wife is next to me holding my hand during the exam. Guess what? Even though I look like a gigant baby going to the tube and having mom holding his hand, the MRI fears go away and the exam feels like a walk in the park (maybe not that much, no… 🙂 ).

Talk to them, they will help you for sure.

3 months ago

Hi all, first time user on here, so hello. Like @buitenmus and @hmcampos I am terribly claustrophobic, and I found taking a valium before an MRI (usually half an hour before) really helps – my consultant even recommended I do it.

Another thing that a friend who studied Neuroscience, and now works with MS, taught me: when you’re in the MRI, embrace where you are, and what is going on. You’re inside a machine that is so technologically advanced that it can see inside you. it’s quite remarkable.

Not sure if either of these points help, but good luck @buitenmus

3 months ago

Thanks! I’ll manage without sedative, I’ll just be brave 😊 And indeed, we should be happy MRI exists, saves us a lot of uncertainties. And I’m counting on a stable MRI, of course! And it will be a great summery day so I can dream of spending the afternoon in the sun, with good food and in great company. So my day won’t be that bad ☺

3 months ago

I love the idea of a mindfulness recording playing!!!

3 months ago

@hmcampos that is just too beautiful – the relationship with your wife and the closeness that she holds your hand 💗

3 months ago

I used My meditation lessons from yoga, It really helped a lot! I wasn’t scared At All (silly Phone keeps Using capitals). MRI shows New inactive lessions and the cold feeling in My right upperleg that’s bothering for a week now is probably MS. If It gets worse My spine Will have An MRI date and steroids. I hope It won’t Be necessary.

3 months ago

12 MRIs in 3 years, WOW! that seems like a lot to me!
i’m no expert but is your neurologist a little scan-happy?
if you have no new symptoms and you are claustrophobic you can always say no thanks for now Doc,
is it going to change your management? … probably not
as for relaxing in the scanner, I try visualisation, I imagine myself on a golden sandy beach under a clear blue sky, and follow my breath as per yoga and meditation.
good luck

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