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MRI can be showing something else right?

I was not going to ask questions in this group, was just going to read as I feel bad bothering those with this condition when I my self to not know.

My doctors words are ringing hard in my head right now and I still have not received my MS clinic apt though it has only been a little over a week.
Quote for Doc. The radiology report on your Cranial MRI shows demialtling plaques in the white matter consistent with MS we have made the referral to the MS Clinic to be confirmed, but don’t let your self believe that’s is what it as other things can show this way. When I asked him to just put my mind as ease what else can show in this way he could not give me any examples . He is a GP. I truly hate wasting your time and I’m not obsessing as I don’t believe it can be MS. Reason. I have had all this symptoms before minuses loosing my eye sight in right eye for a couple days, no not totally. I was evaluated for MS in 2014 and the MRI was clear. How can it not be clear now with the same symptom’s ? Can anyone tell me what else presents this way on MRI?

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1 year ago

Hi there @shocked, sorry it’s all so up in the air for you. There are conditions that can cause demyelination such as sarcoidosis, optic neuritis, Guillan-Barre, viruses. But take comfort in the fact that diagnosis nowadays is way quicker than 20 years ago. In my experience, GP’s are rarely the bearer of diagnosis. I guess it depends where you live, too. Some people with MS have it show in brain wite matter, others on spine and some both. Do you have a referral to a neurolgist? If not, definitely push for that. The NHS is great but I know people who’ve forked out for a private Neuro because the waiting game can add to stress. So, my advice would be to keep pushing for appointments, take every opportunity to de-stress and know that there are many of us out there who completely identify with what you are going through! Good luck and best wishes

1 year ago

Hello Vixen thank you for the reply, as far as I know the MS clinic I will be going to is multi displaned including Neuro. I am how ever still waiting for this apt. I have tried looking up things that present this way and all I find is that many do how ever they only seem to talk about MS as I guess it is the most common. Im just going to try to forget this is happening and go on with my life on the good days hope you are well. 🙂

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