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I hate to sound like a big baby but I am very claustrophobic and I have an MRI on Thursday. Its not my first MRI but I just get so nervous right before them. I had been prescribed Valium…. Does anyone else have this problem?

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All I can say is good luck. I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, but can imagine it’s not very nice for you

Rochelle..I have the same problem.As soon as the neuro mentions MRI I start to panic..I wasn’t claustrophobic until I had my first one 3 and 1/2 years ago.First time I made the mistake of opening my eyes and had a panic attack.I screamed to get out.I went to my GP who prescribed diazepam and I managed to do it.Even with pills this time I could not do the full spinal scan,especially as the music would not work,and I had nothing to take my mind off being stuck in a smartie tube, so they just did a brain scan and worked from my old scan.My chest is tightening now just thinking of the experience.

You need to have a chat with them before you get there and explain your feelings. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last that finds the scanner an ordeal.
Let them tell you what they can do for you which will make the experience a lot more tolerable.

Thank you ugh… 🙂

Wearing the eye mask made me feel a little better ,and the feeling after the valium was actually quite pleasant.

Just remember, you won’t get crushed. Sounds like a flippant comment, but it’s true. And just concentrate on your own breath – entering, and leaving your nostrils if you want something to focus on. I know it’s bloody difficult with the industrial techno backing track of the MRI, but if it keeps you thinking about something else, it’s a good distraction 🙂

I’m the same. I had to have a Valium for my first one, and due the next one in January, but intend to cope by deep breathing and meditation. I’m gonna go to my happy place and not leave it til they take me out of the machine!!!!!

I’m not sure about the place you are going to, but if you are that claustrophobic you should be able to find what they call an ” open sided MRI” machine around where you live, they make those now for people that can not tolerate a traditional MRI table. Talk to your neurologist. If he writes you a script you can have the MRI done at a location of your choice.

Thanks chueykooh,I already researched about an open sided mri before seeing my neuro in December,even the standing/sitting up type,but he said that there is not as good a reading from them.

I am not claustrophobic but took part in a longitudinal medical study for the MRI indicators for MS and had MRI scans every 6 months or so. It helped that I had optical neuritis when I first had one so no depth vision.

I had heard all sorts of horror stories and so took along lavender oil to dab on the end of my nose. You have no choice then but to relax and the technicians liked the smell too.

I hope you do not find it too traumatic but definitely the eye mask or just shutting your eyes helps and you do have a button you can press if you want to be removed from the machine so you are in control at all times!

Not claustrophobic, but when I went for my MRI, I felt like I was in a sort of baddish jam session cuz it sounded like someone was trying to play an electric guitar…took my mind off the whole thing.

Weird, huh?

I think u can take music headphones etc. Also I remember I use to play a game of how still can I stay for the time in the scanner. I know it sounds stupid but it worked.

Good luck

Namansareen38 lol!!! The first time it felt like I was In a mad rave!! Kinda takes my mind off it! X

i’ve got head and spine booked for sunday, i’m looking forward to it, 20 minutes laying down in the afternoon with no children shouting for me to do stuff. the neurologist asked me if i was bothered by mri’s. it hadn’t occurred to me that it might be a problem. i even find the droning helps me completely tune out. perhaps you could look into auto suggestion hypnosis techniques.

@funnybank, don’t forget to say yes when asked if you want ear plugs. It can be noisy.

Def earplugs, and light clothing. I made the mistake of wearing 2 layers instead of just my T-shirt. It didn’t help with the claustrophobic sensation.

Hi, I suffer from the claustrophobia bad and could not do it the first time….. it did not help I was diagnosed with an Ectopic heartbeat inadvertently while undergoing investigation into my MS symptoms, 2 for 1 deal.. nice 🙂

So lying in that tube listening to my Ectopic heartbeat which I only learnt about the day before, did not help coupled with the phobia… it ended swiftly…. I don’t like taking drugs like Diaza etc… so that was not a great option

Anyhow I ended up doing 3 MRIs in 2 months, all on open MRIs, one I was sitting up in watching TV which was nice…. I had one neuro moan in advance on quality but the next neuro said they were perfect no issues….

Each to their own but the MRI machines seem so archaic, the f**kin noise, its like a camshaft in an engine is about to explode or a gremlin is in side the machine going apeshit with a large hammer…

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