4 years ago
Moving house

Well I’ve just moved house on Tuesday and my god it has taken so much energy out of me But the main thing is we are in our new house b4 the wife has our 2nd baby lol

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So, it went well for you, @xander ?

ow thats lovely news.. im embarking on a move…. stress? bring it on…it wil only put me to bed… lmao xx

Well done, lovely job! I’m very happy for you all. X

Yep it went really well and just have to sort through all the boxes of stuff lol just hope we get it done b4 baby shows up lol

Whoop whoop! Congrats on move and on baby!

All the time-critical stuff has now been completed, @xander, so find time to rest up before the next delivery.

Great achievement and congrats on the new baby coming soon . Now it’s time for rand r .
Hope you all be happy in your new house !!!!!
All the best femke xx

Thanks for all the kind words just wish I could rest up but I could only get 1day off work 🙁

Glad the move went well- don’t overdo it on the unpacking- make sure the essentials like kettle and crib are sorted then take your time! Good luck with the next delivery! xx

Well hats off to the wife 9 months pregnant and she has unpacked so many of the boxes already lol its because she has absolutely no patients lol

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