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I’m just learning about this potentially dangerous mostly hidden source of illness. You probably suffer from some of following:

Fatigue and weakness
Headache, light sensitivity
Poor memory, difficult word finding
Difficulty concentration
Morning stiffness, joint pain
Unusual skin sensations, tingling and numbness
Shortness of breath, sinus congestion or chronic cough
Appetite swings, body temperature regulation,
Increased urinary frequency or increased thirst
Red eyes, blurred vision, sweats, mood swings, sharp pains
Abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating
Tearing, disorientation, metallic taste in mouth
Static shocks
Vertigo, feeling lightheaded

Then there could be a mould issue in your home or at work or the environment around you. Perhaps it’s worth exploring! (I have a brilliant video if you’d like more information)

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1 year ago

HiVickivictoria, Yes,I do suffer from about 5 on your list, but they’re typical of MS symptoms. How do you tell if they’re caused by mould? I’ve read digesting mould can be cancer forming – NOT a good idea. And in Autumn we must be surrounded by mould spores. Still, I’d like to see your video…. It might make it very clear and answer my question.

1 year ago

Hi @merfield, if you look up Lyme disease you will also find similar symptoms. It’s hard to establish exactly what has caused ms, but by eliminating or treating Lyme, mould, stress, bacterial overgrowth and understanding your family health history etc, you’re removing the nasties and helping the body to heal itself. It’s not ‘one size fits all’ I’m afraid, getting well is an holistic approach, which is why I don’t think one dmt can work for everyone. (I know that’s controversial)! I’m looking at the cause not the symptom and along with a ketogenic diet it’s definitely working for me, so I can only give advice on my own experiences.
The video is an hour long, but bear with it:

Moldy The Movie – The New Bulletproof Documentary

Check out my fb page for more tips:

1 year ago

Hi @vickivictoria, thanks for that. I’m going to link and watch on the tele. In the meantime, I’ve researched the 5 day prolon diet. It’s supposed to be regenerative and rejuvenating, plus I’ve put on weight being much less active. We used to walk 3 miles every morning, now I use a walker for 10 minutes in the kitchen every day.
Your ketogenic diet might not be suitable for me as I have heart disease (though no obvious symptoms). The 5/2 seems good, which I’m doing today having over eaten yesterday. You’re so right – it’s a case of finding out what’s right for YOU. We’re all different as you say.
I think you’re RR. though no relapse for 10 years. That’s excellent. I’m PP so I’d be happy to slow down or stop the decline which I’m trying to do with my exercise routine, plus whatever diet regime I adopt. Your posts are always interesting BTW. Thanks. Enjoy your day!

1 year ago

Good luck with fasting, I’ve tried several times to do a juice fast and can only do it for two days. I think the ketogenic diet would be less strain on your body than fasting and I’ve lost over half a stone on it, but you know you’re body. Look up Dr Mercola too he may have posted some advice on heart disease and diet and certainly there’s loads on ms and my type of eating. Look up this programme too (link) which is how I started on the ketogenic eating plan. If the article pushes your button then I’d say it’s for you. I definately recomend it, but it’s not for everyone.

Thank you for the compliment it’s warmed my day even more. You have a great day too. X

1 year ago

I think we all have enough to worry about, without exploring toxic mould as well!

We should be talking about sunshine and the summer time, when mould is typically dormant…

It’s easy to become neurotic as it is lass

1 year ago

If you find you are having trouble being around mold you might be having the same problem I am. I have been hyper allergic with my MS. For instance I use to sleep with a cat when I was growing up, 10 years later I pet a cat and I stop breathing. I could go on and on. My neuro told me that my immune system think that the cat dander is a threat and shuts off my air to protect me. I have been hospitalized a couple of times because of this problem and it is always something new that I wasn’t allergic to before, one of them was mold. I have to carry a Epi pen with me now in case I happen on to something I had no idea would bother me. I have gotten pretty good at noticing my lungs starting to tighten, I have walked into stores and turned around and walked back out. They had incense, burning candles or a strange chemical smell. Potter

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