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I don’t want to lower the tone, but….
does anyone have or had difficulty with their, ahem, motions, as in, er, bowels?
I noticed such a difficulty long before diagnosis and I put it down to the hell-hole I was working in at the time i.e. very little natural light, but all light supplied by strip lighting. I have been on a trial drug (Dacluzimab) for 3 years and recently my visits have become more akin to my old habits. I’m assuming it’s a sign of MS improvement, as I’m getting less exercise than I ever did before, but I’m physically better than I have been in nigh on two years.
I’m sorry to lower the tone, but it’s not something that often comes up in polite conversation.

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5 years ago

5 years ago

Yes…. however… I’m not sure if it’s MS related or not… I’m just a bit paranoid these days. I see MS in lots of aches, pains and health niggles. I’m keeping notes in my diary.

I remember when keeping notes in my diary was entirely different!

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MS doesn’t help this “function”.
It’s all to do with messages, from nerve endings, not being received accurately by the brain.
Yes, there are nerves that support this function too. They should send messages to the brain to say, “I want to go” and “I’m empty now”, amongst others.
So, if these messages aren’t accurately received by the brain, then you can start to see why there can be problems.
Do make sure that you keep yourself adequately hydrated, because this can play an important part in this function.

5 years ago

Hi @oskar, sounds great if you feel it is the Daclizumab making the difference.

I had problems with my bowels as a child (were these early signs of MS or something else?) but was fine as a teenager, and am fine now as an adult. I hope it doesn’t change!

Oddly, since starting Copaxone about 6 weeks ago, I’ve had more ‘flatulence’, and of the smelly variety. Not very attractive!

Where do you go for your Daclizumab study visits? I have just put my name down on a list for trials being done at my hospital. We shall see what comes of that. I am desperate for BG-12 to be approved, but wouldn’t mind going on a trial oral drug in the interim. I’m experiencing nasty skin reactions with Copaxone and my previous history of depression puts me in the risk category for going on interferons. Think I’d rather avoid them for that very reason, not to mention the flu-like effects.

Keep up the healthiness 🙂

5 years ago

Thanks everyone for not squirming away from this delicate topic. And AngieShietMS, I too have bouts of flatulence which also began in the hell hole employment and they can be very socially awkward – I work in the nhs, face to face with patients. It does compromise my professional stance, if I keep pumping in patients’ company 🙁
In answer to the Dacluzimab question – I was invited onto the trial at the point of diagnosis. I’m in Nottingham. I don’t know which other centres are involved, but I believe it’s international.
I did mean to post a query about Dacluzimab to see if anyone else is on it and how they find it. Watch this space.

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