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6 years ago

for me when a big bout of fatigue is about to hit i get v frustrated at myself cos i’m usually busy and haven’t got time for a lie down – if its on a weekend my hubby usually packs me off to bed for a lie down as he knows i’ll rest better there than a nap on the sofa, at which point i turn into a stroppy child digging my heels in feeling i’m being sent off to bed for being naughty which makes my mood spiral downhill and i’m grumpy – but he’s right and by that point i’m usually unable to think straught for myself so he steps in to make that decision for me and he does it with my best interest at heart but my mood dips just cos i feel i’m missing out on the day. when i wake i’m usually grumpy for about 1/2 an hour whilst i come to properly but will feel better for the kip – if i haven’t managed to sleep (if i’m just too beyond myself) then i remain grumpy until bedtime…poor hubby!!!!! 🙂 i just try and listen to the body, notice the warning signs and rest before i reach that point but its difficult – i think a lot of it comes with acceptance of the condition without giving in to it – something i fight against and a lot of time to my detriment – its a work in progress!!

6 years ago

Ah good I’m not just a nutter then or at least not completely! I’ve kind of got used to my wife sending me to bed but I got a bit caught out when I started feeling annoyed at work over nothing and realised I needed to get home to bed. Not looking forward to getting back into work although I managed not to say anything stupid luckily!

6 years ago

YES!!! I get so grumpy and angry when im tired! Im about to see my neuro to see if there is anything he can do about my fatigue! Will let you know if he has any great ideas!

6 years ago

I DEFINITELY get super grumpy, frustrated, easily annoyed, and agitated when bad fatigue hits. Feel bad for my partner cause my mood can just spiral down if I dont get proper rest (which isn’t always an option). I try to my best to rest and pull myself out of the funk but its not always easy.

6 years ago

I get uber down on myself when I get fatigued, makes sense I sauppose when I think about it.

6 years ago

Yea, my patience disappears with my ability to walk properly.
Never directed at people, but at computers, mobile phones and inanimate objects…silly yes, frustrating yes…but these things happen!! My laptop is on a permanent 3rd and final warning…

6 years ago

I get very moody when I’m tired. Like you, if my partner suggests I go for a lie down, I immediately get defensive, and just to spite them I stay up until I am completely worn out. At this point I get very emotional and tell them they were right all along and I should have gone to bed earlier! I am a nightmare when I’m tired!

6 years ago

God I am so glad (no offence) to hear this I didn’t know what it was that I just get grumbly and moody for no reason @scotkiwi I know what you mean I have come close to throwing all sorts of electronics out of the window, my work mates end up telling me off. I didn’t realise MS affects your mood. Oh Well…… off to smash something now haha

6 years ago

You’ve all made me laugh (in a good way). We are all subliminally angry at our MS and refuse to give in to it, but it does come out towards others unintentionally, bless ’em!
I used to get told off for having ‘the grumps’. My responses were somewhat terse, lol.

6 years ago

Wrote a blog post about mood swings, emotionalism and MS some years ago. Made me smile anyway at least because a pretty lady’s smile still makes me feel great! 😀

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