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I don’t contribute much – my bad. But the last few weeks the mood is terrible. “Her indoors “ thinks I’ve never really dealt with my MS diagnosis plus I have arthritis. Today I cried a lot looking at a picture of my 2 yr old self. 40 years on and this wasn’t the plan. I shouldn’t complain as I don’t have any physical disability. Maybe I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. I’m currrntly taking something for my mood/anxiety but it hasn’t kicked in yet. I feel really $h1te at the moment.

Rant over.

Thanks for letting me vent

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8 months ago

I should not think MS was/is in anybodies plans, certainly not mine anyway.

It’s perfectly natural to be down and peed off with MS, one of the X amount of symptoms that rears it’s ugly head from time to time sadly.

Be thankful that you have no physical Disability.

Never feel as though you need to or have to apologize for feeling like you do because you do not.

Best of luck.

8 months ago

Thanks PeterFrancis

8 months ago

@mfoggy , sometimes, our MS can seem HUGE. Anything can kick that scenario off.

Have a day to feel sorry for yourself and start afresh tomorrow.

8 months ago

Thanks @stumbler

8 months ago

I have found the videos here useful in explaining MS to non MSers

8 months ago

You know what @mfoggy, to have your ups you must first have had a down! And that’s life, up, down, in and out. None of us asked to be served with MS, it’s total pants. So, you will feel better when the meds kick in and, at least you do have ‘er indoors to tell you to get a grip! You’re gonna have to suck it up, and remind yourself that you’re not dying, even though it might sometimes feel like you are dying inside. Our lives are all about ebb and flow. Even your good wife will have ups and downs, without MS. You just need to decide if you’re gonna be an ebb or a flow for her! Stay strong dude x

8 months ago


You had a plan? I just wanted to earn enough money to fish & play sports. Then I decided I wanted to marry a great woman so I did – then she died.

So I decided I wanted to find & marry another great woman so I did; while fishing & playing sports. Then spine surgery followed shortly afterward by MS – thanks to those two I can’t play sports. But everything else is fine.

I have my 2 year old photos; happy, smiling cute little kid. Sixty years later, happy, smiling & cute. MS can’t take that away from me…

8 months ago

Thanks everyone 🙏

8 months ago

Hi @mfoggy, I too struggle with my mood. I frequently feel sad and also very frustrated too. It is hard for others to understand especially if you look ‘fine’.
I think with any diagnosis of a long term illness you can go through a grieving process…I know I did. However I agree with the others, when you are over this awful time, find something you enjoy and try to stay positive.
Take care

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