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I suffer with bad depression and so far very little has helped. What is really distressing is that when I get an infection my mood gets very bad (suicidal). So far no medical professionals have really grasped how bad it gets when I get an infection, personally I don’t think that have heard of such a thing happening. Ibuprofen and paracetamol help a bit and I must be the only person alive that paracetamol and ibuprofen act as an antidepressants! Does anyone else suffer in the same way? Have you found a solution?

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1 year ago

Hello there, do you have an MS nurse? It would seem that depression is more debilitating for you than the MS. Did you have depression before you were diagnosed? Although not the specialist arepa for neuros, your neuro needs to hear that you sometimes feel suicidal and initiate some support for you with this. I’m sorry you are going through this, hang on in there and hopefully a combination of support will help you through this x

1 year ago

Hi @serankin , I am sorry that you are having to deal with this. It is unfortunately an occupational hazard when living with a long term health condition. So, many MSers are in a similar position and we are all having to manage our personal demons.

Disease Modifying Treatments (DMTs), Tecfidera in your case, may contribute to this problem. In addition, they are immuno-suppressants, so leave you vulnerable to infections.

Which type of infections do you suffer from? This appears to be a trigger point for you, so considering some form of prophylactic therapy/treatment would seem to be a consideration.

As Depression is a recognised condition, You should be getting help from your medical team, i.e. Doctor/MS Nurse/Neurologist. What forms of specific treatment have you tried, and over what period?

It is important to realise the impact that your Depression can have on your family unit. MS may be your condition, but the impact is felt by all your family. So, Depression is another contributory factor.

We just have to consider that the black cloud, that is Depression, descends upon the whole household, not just over us.

It’s good that you have reached out here. We understand these issues. Individually, MS may make us weak, but together we can be strong. This is just another contributory therapy.

There are details about Depression here, together with links to websites that provide guidance on how the NHS should be addressing our problems:-

So, yes, we can all suffer from this big, black hole that we know as Depression. We just all need to talk about it, to shine a light on the situation.

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