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Mobile Phone app to help with daily life

My name is David McFaull, I am about to go into final year in software development at University of Ulster Coleraine. As part of our final year we are required to create a piece of software and I want to create a mobile phone app to help people with MS. My mother has had MS for around 8 years now. It is a topic I am very passionate about and I would love to be able to help use my skills from university to be able to help.

This app would be different to any other MS apps already created. This would be an app that would be used to help people with MS in everyday life instead of diagnosing the symptoms.

I was wondering if you could give me any further ideas on what would be beneficial for people with MS to have in a phone app?

I have thought that they could:

keep track of the drugs they are to take each day

new and existing exercises that they could do

groups that are around them and locate their nearest MS support group

receive RSS feeds for tweets that have been sent involving MS

calender function for their check ups and injections

links to recent studies

a function to add their own comments and feelings about MS

I am currently only in the research stage, as University doesn’t start back until September. But I would like to gather as much information as I can before I start this project, as I am very passionate about creating a helpful and useful piece of software to help people with MS in their everyday lives. I would really appreciate any information or ideas that you would be able to share with me.

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Injectable drugs require a schedule AND an injection site – we should rotate these……

what do you mean by rotate? thanks for the input 🙂

I think this is a great idea! A lot of peopeople follow diets, and some people like to try to re-introduce foods and some people like to keep a food diary to try to establish which foods cause symtoms and if so what those symptoms are so to have some sort of food diary section would be great! Also I noticed the prev comment and when you take daily injections you r not supposed to inject in the same place too often so that what it means to rotate, left leg to right leg, left hip to right hip etc, hope this helps I think this is great! Good luck! X

It’s definitely a good idea, but there are several apps already which do this kind of thing. A particularly good example is the rebif app. Check it out on the apple app store for free.

As Cedelle says, injection site rotation means utilising different body areas in a disciplined manner to avoid overuse of one site.

Something to remind me about appointments – I recently got fired off my neurologist’s list because I failed to remember the appointment they made a year before!

thank you so much for all your feedback! The rotation sites and Food Dairy are both fantastic ideas that I will try to implement into the system. Your input is so vauable to me in trying to make sure it will help real problems in daily life for people with MS! Thanks again and any more ideas would greatly appreciated

Alison – I was thinking of adding a calender to remind people of check ups, what drugs to take on which day and dose, injection dates, doc’s appointments etc

Hi @davemcfaull

One thing I would have found useful earlier in my “journey” with MS was some way of tracking my symptoms and flare-ups. Actually getting diagnosed with MS is probably the most major hurdle that many face in the early stages of this disease, particularly now that it is often being diagnosed earlier in its progression.

There’s no doubt that my appointments with Neurologists would have been simpler if I had actually been able to remember the symptoms I’d had in the past year!

I’ve no idea if something of this type already exists…


Mark – I have made some early research into products like what I am hoping to create and I believe that there isn’t a product that will have all the features roll into one application. There are apps that diagnose you with MS and some that keep track of your injection points, but not one that will help people with MS on a daily basis with problems that face them! That is what my goal, to create an app that will help people in their daily lives

Maybe a nice little daily dose of positivity as well; just a sunny picture of a peaceful scene, or an inspiring quote, etc. Since MS has so many aspects, and it sounds like you’re trying to tackle the management side of things, a small feature for a daily pick-me-up might distinguish your app from others that are already available.

Best of luck to you!

artisus – thank you very much for such an uplifting idea! One that I don’t think I would have came up with myself! This I will definitely try my hardest to implement into the system! 🙂 You have just brightened up my day! Thanks 😀

The suggestions so far are great I will be very interested in the APP. An other suggestion may be to have the map section highlight support areas for people recently diagnosed and people that have been told that they think it is MS but are waiting for an official diagnosis, a ‘What Next or What Now’ section would be good for newly diagnosed. A hub with all information in it such as drugs to think about drud suggestions, exercise, therapies, councelling, finance, benefits and how to go about claiming them (such as blue badge).

Oh yes, @aardvark‘s got a good idea there! Having an app you can quckly tap when something weird happens would really help build up a picture of symptoms & may help with diagnosis / treatment.

@danrb80 – Thanks, The groups section I spoke of above, I was thinking about using GPS to tell you your nearest MS support group, sort of like google maps idea. The “What Next/Now” section is a great idea! Could also use it for peoples comments to help get people who have gone through the problems speaking to eachother!

Also, if you could make it a universal app rather than region-specific, it would be awesome. 😉 I’m the US and our region-specific apps are sadly lacking in most ways.

I was thinking that using GPS this would allow the app to be universal! 🙂 I will keep this in mind an try my best to make it useful worldwide 🙂

very interested in an app like this! good luck and keep us updated 🙂

I agree with @aardvark aka Mark, every time I go to my neuro and he asks me what’s been going on I can think of only a couple major things and then I freeze like a deer in the headlights. Everything I was going to tell him goes out the window and then when I leave I always want to kick myself because I forgot to mention half the stuff I was going to tell him. Plus it could double as a symptom tracker so we can see how we are, compared to how we were. And track our own progression in either an up or down direction.

I have spoke with my family and they also pointed out a link to your nearest neurologist. I have to write up a page spec of my plans for the program! So any other final ideas you may have let me know 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on how things are going

How about a Shift.ms app? I can get to it through my web browser but it is a pain having to expand all of the print so I can read it. I use android so I hope whatever you decide that it is not just for Iphone.

It needs to be an original idea for my final year project! So a shiftms app wouldnt be on the cards though I hope to be able to work with them closely if possible. It wot just be for iPhone as our Uni prodomently uses windows programming hopefully I can make it multi-platform app

@davemcfaull I’m working on an app as well that covers some of similar territory. Your app looks to be focused on a lot of things and would act as an umbrella for a lot of things related to MS. Mine is focused on injection/pill/supplement tracking and alerts. I have tried using most, if not all, of the other options out there and they are either too big that they are clumsy and troublesome to use or so simplified that they don’t allow for any customization.

I absolutely love the idea of an easy to use daily tracker of symptoms to track flare-ups. No room for it in my app, but I’d use the hell out of it. Would be really interesting to connect that with the food diary to see if patterns arise.

Just a heads up, there is an app currently that offers the “inspirational image/message” stuff within it. I forget which one it was. Shouldn’t be tough to find it again. The biggest complaint I remember about theirs is the lack of variety. If you go that route, make sure to have a large bank of images/quotes for your randomizing function to pull from.

My app will be launched for iOS only at this point, but down the road will move into Android and Windows Phone markets. Are you a developer? If yes, do you have a portfolio of work I can check out? Maybe we can do some work together.

Best of luck on your app and your class!

It would be cool to have something that you matched your symptoms to causes. So every day you put in the foods you eat, what the weather was like (hot, humid, cold, cloudy, etc), and stressers or events. Then you put in symptoms you experience that day. Then the app does the work to find common causes for your symptoms by locating patterns. Then it would make it easy to figure out what our triggers and limits are.

@mmmark I am currently a computing student at Coleraine Uni on placement. I do not have a professional protfolio made up as of yet :/ but any advice you may have would be great, your comments above are great!

@jat721 sounds like a fantastic idea the only problem i can think with it is that it may be limited with the causes you enter? But I will definitely look into it 🙂


I cannot remember day-to-day stuff. Little reminders would be great for an app like this.

My proposal for the app has been sent in this morning 🙂 Exciting times!! I will keep you all posted on how things go 🙂 Thank you all for your fantastic help and advice! It was greatly appreciated, You’re all stars 🙂


Hooray for Dave!

The proposal for the app has been accepted! Development will go ahead!! 😀 thanks for all your help guys! I’ll keep you posted

Good luck Dave. I hope all go’s well. I could definitely use an app like this!!

@davemcfaull – Can you PM me with what the final functionality map looks like? Like I mentioned, I’m working on an app as well, but I think, and want to make sure, it has a different overall purpose. I don’t think it is an issue, but I want to make sure I don’t compete or overlap if possible. Best of luck! – Mark

@mmmark I will Pm you when I have this done. I have not yet started any design or thought about full functionality yet as I am still on work placement and this will project will all be done as a final year project at Uni. This work will be done between September and November I believe. Thank you for your support. All the best with your app as well 🙂

Hi guys I know it has been a while since I have posted anything here. But development is under-way and I am really excited about how the project is going 🙂 I was thinking about using an acronym for the app’s name. I have came up with CALMS (computer aided/assisted Living for Multiple Sclerosis) I was wondering what you guys thought? Thanks for the help 🙂

How about CRUD (Computerised Resource for Unscrupulous Disease), he says with tongue firmly in the side of his cheek! 🙂

Or, ORGASMS (ORGaniser for Assisting Symptoms in MS) he says, with his tongue getting even sorer in the side of his cheek) 🙂

Calms is a herbal sleeping pill here in UK. May be issues. Keep coming back with updates. It’s a good idea. 🙂

I know of the pills you’re talking about they are spelt Kalms… I don’t think this should be a problem, hopefully lol

Hi David, I think this is a great idea.. I have a few things that I would find helpful, as someone who is reasonably new to diagnosis.
1. Are certain symptoms normal
2. A diary to plot my symptoms and have space to add notes re, was the symptom due to excess stress, work, fatigue insomnia etc, would be good to have a map.
3. A diary for diet
4. A diary for medication.
5. Notification for groups in your area or for me, I would love to meet other people in person for chats etc.
6. Lastly as prev mentioned inspirational stories or thoughts.. daily… keep our moods up if flagging..

Good luck.. :))

I think alert with check list for meds and at set time ask your pain and emotional state. Every morning ap sends inspirational quotes or messages to steps art each day,

I totally agree with the guys that have previously mentioned being able to jot down symptoms and periods of ‘odd activity’ !!
Sometimes it takes 3 weeks to get an appointment with my doc and i will completely forget what is was that i originally wanted to speak with him about.
Also, it would be a great way to track severity, types, locations of pain, discomfort etc.
I’m sure there would be a lot of people in the medical profession that could use that type of data too, if people were willing to share their information – i know i would.

Good luck and keep us updated 🙂

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