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MitoQ and PPMS

I have just started on a 3 months’ supply of MitoQ. Many patients with PPMS and other forms of MS say this has helped them. I notice these benefits after 2 weeks: brain fog has gone, fatigue almost gone, hypersensitivity of the senses to lots of activity (people, sounds, business): much reduced; better balance. And it’s only been 2 weeks!!
The supplement doesn’t work for everyone, but is really helping me in reducing the symptoms. The website ships to different geographical areas. I live in the UK and they ship from there. They also cover US, Europe & Asia.
This has give me so much hope.

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4 months ago

I wonder what formulation and quantity of MitoQ you are using? I cant find any specific research being done. Thank you.

4 months ago


Be cautious about trusting everyone. The original poster does not state what country they are in; what type of MS they have; actually any information to suggest they actually have MS.

What was written sounds like a promotional advertisement by the company. Much as Google Search is not always helpful – it can point you in the right direction for research. I looked up MS & MitoQ; there is nothing to suggest the medical field backs this concept; other than MitoQ probably does not make things worse.

I notice you are researching for a friend who has PPMS. Feel free to ask specific questions; I among others with that MS variation may be able to assist…

4 months ago

Hi @louise101 and welcome.

Wise words from @edmontonalberta above. Although, as Administrator for this Forum, I cannot see any reason to mistrust this UK-based poster.

Mitoq is presently the subject of a clinical trial, whose results are becoming slightly overdue :-

I can’t see any reason to vary from the manufacturer’s suggested dose. So, you really have to make your own call about its effectiveness……….

4 months ago

Thank you, Stumbler. Let me assure everyone: I am not in the pocket of MitoQ…

There is only one version of MitoQ, developed and sold by (of course)

I live in England and was diagnosed with PPMS earlier this year, after MRI scans and a lumbar puncture. A friend posted this link of Facebook:
When I looked into this, I noticed that MitoQ, with its positive effect on the mitochondria, reduces MS symptoms according to numerous customer posts and independent research. In the first few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels, stamina, mood etc. This level then becomes the “new normal” and improvements go more slowly. I have done some modest home improvements recently which I had been avoiding for a year. I designed them, stuck with them and got much joy of doing the work. I have also noticed that I cope much better with gatherings of people, noisy kids etc. My wife has noticed that I am much more robust.
Again MitoQ is not a cure — but it makes your body stronger and as a result to cope better with the symptoms of MS.
Finally: in the UK, exciting research is underway in developing medication for PPMS that will deliver a cure.

3 months ago

Thanks to all for your input; I think MitoQ is interesting, having experimented with several varieties for my own use (with circumen, for joint health, and for skin support). I was diagnosed with idiopathic focal dystonia (facial tremors) nearly a decade ago. This condition has mostly resolved since I began using MitoQ with circumen 6-8 months ago, and so was very interested to learn it might hold promise as a treatment for ms, since I have a close relative who has struggled with primary progressive ms for a number of years.

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