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Methylprednisolone and joint pain

Over the years I’ve been prescribed v high dose steroids when I relapse. Over the past 2 or 3 though I get fast on-set joint pain (hips, knees, lower back) when I begin taking them. Cocodamol solves the pain, and it disappears AS SOON as stop Methylprednisolone.

Has anyone else experienced similar?

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6 years ago

I was told having the steroids again wasn’t advisable because of the reported side effects – have had Methylprednisolone 3 times before and don’t remember having any joint pain. May have been because of the supplements I take (vitamin D, calcium and turmeric) but it may not have been……. why can’t MS symptoms just be a case of switching something on and off! 😉

6 years ago

I got really excited when I first read this as I experienced horrible pain in my hip and lower back at night during a recent relapse that was treated with oral MP but then remembered that it actually started before I started the steroids! Having re-read the side effects list that came with them it would appear that pretty much anything is possible!

6 years ago

Methylpred isn’t that nice, but is prescribed a lot as its cheap! lol It’s prescribed for just about everything possible.. Oh well as long as ya don’t get ‘roid rage.. 😀

6 years ago

It does have a side effect of damaging the bones by making them thinner in density, some people develop osteoporosis from too many steroids.
I had “bone pain” after a lot of steroids and I am one of the unfortunate ones who developed osteoporosis!

I’d try to get it checked out, maybe informing the MS nurses about it?

Best of luck!

6 years ago

So very sorry to hear about that Zak492. How will you manage it?

GP was concerned for me, but didn’t really seem to take my worries on board. To make it as simple as possible I provided an osteoporisis risk calc for him and challenged him to formulate an Excel spreadsheet . . .

Methylpred (10 years 3x per year)
age (46) and the onset of ‘that time of life’ and osteo risk
bone-breaking falls (my balance is shot)
… no answers, just management.

PS @jman …roid rage… yup…don’t ya love it?! Another management situation; hubby simply manages to stay out of my way whilst I spend a week off my face on the MethPred!

6 years ago

No idea, but in the same way I carry on with the MS I guess!

I don’t really tend to trust my GPs, they don’t really have the correct understand for MS in my experience. “Jack of all trades master of nothing!” I’d go straight to those who deal with the MS!

Wow that’s a lot, well done for being able to bear that strain! I’ve had 4 in the first year since diagnosis, aged 18 so I’d seriously consider next time they offer me the steroids.
I guess that’s were it’ll be vital for family understanding!
And precisely, the best way to go about things!

Good luck!

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