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Met some great people on here

Some of you have been thoroughly great to speak with
On the site so thank you for all your kind caring information .

Unfortunately there are two many closed books on this site that don’t appear to want to give out there information .

I presume this site is to share stories and experiences we have all had with the disease and also to share

Medication information
What works for you ?

Holistic treatment that you feel benefits

New and up coming treatments etc.

General discussions on the illness .

I’m quite an open person and I realise that ms symptoms can be strange uncomfortable and nothing that a person without could ever imagine what we live with .

I do wonder that people keep a lot of the illness to themselves in fear of being ridiculed . Like I have on many of my posts . I’m not bothered to be honest .

I’m kind I have a caring nature . I found some quite the opposite .

This site is not for being unkind or unreasonable .

This site is for sharing your experience.

I think as we all know the disease is bad enough without getting highly negative comments from others.

I also understand the nature of our disease and it can make people think react differently as well so there will be many people on here living a thoroughly miserable life but please just think we are all going through it .

So please unite together instead of against .

Everyone is looking for answers .

Love to you all 🙂

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3 years ago

We are all different. And yet the same . We are joined together by a name . Its not a name that we wanted to hear its not a name we hold dear

We come from all over the world
United together by this world
United by this illness and ill health
But the bond it gives is full of wealth

We can share our stories of sad and pain and get advice from others the same
We laugh we cry we muck around the bond we have is profound

M.S is the name we all share
We help each other and we care M.S can be an awful thing but we get back from the friendships that we bring

By Michele harburn

3 years ago

Funny stuff Angelbum, love your wee rant – I should visit the site more often than i do to be honest and get involved, but found the best way for me to deal with MS is to ignore most of it, so im probably a bit of a closed book, but maybe that should change and reading your post + poem made me think about that

So here’s a little story about me (yes i regret some of it but it cant be changed now)

I’ve done a couple of DMD’s in the past, tried lots of tablets too, had adoptions to my house and drove the car with my left foot (not recommended), but without writing a book i wouldn’t know where to start, so i’ll try to visit more often, share some experiences and hopefully learn stuff too 🙂

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