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Memory overload

Hi all, feeling a little frustrated- forgot to go to a medical appointment today. Had it in diary, recalled it earlier in day, told spouse & child. Got home tired, dinner issues, dog issues, chatty child, feeling like I needed some peace and quiet. Remembered appointment like a bolt from the blue – one hour too late. Thing is, it seems to me that my working memory/processing has reduced, and 1-2 distractions can totally knock a thought/action out of my head. Is this MS or old age or menopause or??? Got furious with myself about it, calming down now. Apart from setting diary reminders on phone (just learnt how) any top tips? Ta Sue

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5 months ago

Hi @sue50
Welcome to the club.
I myself have similar type memory problems.
Like you I’ve got my phone alarms all set, a white board, a calendar and a diary all on the go…and I still forget things!
I was worried I had dementia, I was assured I didn’t it was a symptom of ms.
As for the menopause can’t help you I’m afraid, but I do get man flu is that similar?
I’m sure the more enlightened members will be along soon.
Keep smiling.
And try not to stress.

5 months ago

Oh so it’s not old age or the result of binge drinking! I feel frustrated so often and can’t explain.My memory is crap and I cry at anything.Is this what I have to look forward to?

5 months ago

Hi @sue50

Memory issues and the frustration you feel for trivial reasons are all part and parcel of having MS.

As I’m typing this, I’ve lost my rag a few times due to Typo’s, I find the frustration of failing at doing certain things that were once so easy maddening.

I’m yet to miss an appointment though, I have them all noted down on the Calendar in the kitchen and I keep the letters on the dining table, can’t miss them really. Little things like that help to instill it in your mind.

But yes when things start to snowball and happen all at once, I understand the frustration completely.

5 months ago

Yea and we are supposed to avoid stress….that’s a joke,I’ve never felt more stressed,

5 months ago

@sue50 , for whatever reason, remembering things is going to get harder. So, we have to delegate this job to something more reliable, i.e. our home/mobile tech.

I use my desktop computer to run my life. If anything needs to happen, or is expected, then my trusted PC throws up a visual reminder.

Mobile phones have the same functionality.

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