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Memory … Now what was I going to say?!

Does anyone else find things difficult to remember? I’m only 30 and I find that I forget what I’ve said, especially more recently. I put it down to a busy job where there’s a lot I have to remember (am a project manager and work on a lot of IT projects, each different) but my husband’s getting worried so I just wondered if anyone else is like this? I have been tired more (and had a relapse mid feb) so probably a mix of things! Thanks : )

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Word recall seems to be the main problem for me. Is so annoying sometimes, but then I remember the word hours later when it isn’t relevant any more!

my cognition has fluctuated – obviously worse the more tired i am – my ms nurse summed it up perfectly for my employers to understand – my mind/memory used to be like a library all the books in rows and in order so it was easy to access/retrieve/remember information but now cos of my ms its like a teenager’s bedroom – all messy and mixed up – the info is still there it just takes me longer to work it out/process and remember it!!! we’ve put things in place to help me – i’m a solicitor so running files means much memory usage and multi tasking. i’ve just learned to adapt and with a few tricks up my sleeve to minimise mix ups and frustration on my part its something you learn to live with – like with most ms symptoms!!

Hmmm familar problem. Of course my son says “it your age!” and reckons my epilepsy has scrambled my brain completely..
HOWEVER, yes fatigue does make it worse. If I don’t have that sleep in afternoon, by evening, can’t finish my sentences. I forget the NAMES of things….always nouns for some reason! Names of ppl, names of plants, places. but i remember the letter it begins with! how mad is that. Like DJDSouza, it then comes back in 15, 30 mins……
Have a lot of post its to remind me of Stuff To do!

memory? whats that? hee hee…. i have just had an eye test and was asked if i had any tingling/numb sensations in the past…. i looked blankly at her…. then had to be prompted by my husband about the numbness on my face…. very much a homer simpson moment… doh!
im new to ms…. so everyday is different xxxx

recently my memory is shocking il forget what i was talking about or what i went in the room for, but as well am allways in my own little world i cant listen too anyone with out drifting off x

I have that too, where the words just slip out of my head. I commonly forget my destination when buying a ticket at the train station, which is so embarrassing.
I just laugh it off, as it’s not hugely frequent. I am not working at the minute though, so I can imagine it being super tough when you’re trying to be professional and you can’t remember where you saved something on the PC, or you can’t remember what a paperclip is called!!!

I’m having real problems with my memory, it’s getting me down. I completely have huge voids. It’s like all information has to go through a glupy consistancy , likr thick custard to get anywhere, but while going through the custard some bits hide, and pop up later, but some bits go for ever with no recolection of it happening! I’m really fed up!

I can be halfway through a sentence and then just blank…..really frustrating.

I have found problems with my memory. I put something away and then can’t remember where I put it, forgetting what I’ve said a while before, things like this. I wasn’t sure if this is down to MS or not. I’m only 26 so can’t blame my age! 🙂 I’m fairly new to this and due to a move in country don’t have a team of doctors or nurses behind me yet, so still not sure what day to day things to look out for in relation to MS are.

Its good to hear that so many other people suffer from this problem. My B/F says that a conversation with me can often be like a game of charades as he is constantly trying to guess what I mean while I flap my arms around like windmills (often taking out a few inanimate objects or slapping passers by!!) and forget all words that I could use to describe the word that I’m looking for!!

wow i’m gald its not just me, i seem to forget things all the time. even when i write them down, i was in a meeting yesterday and when it was over i couldn’t tell you what we were talking about. it’s horrible, my kids say i’m getting old! 41 is not old!!!

Tracy, I have meetings like that!! Have no idea what went on in them, the last one my only thought was wow. they are talking too fast, I’ve no idea what’s going on…. reassuring it’s not just me

I keep forgetting things as well, but ppl just let me struggle instead of helping – they’re so mean 😛 I was in a restaurant, chose what I wanted, but when the waiter came over I was like “Why are you at my table? I didn’t ask for you…” and my WHOLE family just stared at me like I was nuts! Oh well…

I know what you mean :)I find that I make a point of saying to people “have I told you this already?” ‘cos I forget if I have or not. I have always had a bad memory but recently it seems to be worse, the trouble with having MS is identifying what is MS related and what is age related – I am 47! 🙂

Min I’m also 47…. everyone keeps telling me it’s my age, but I’ve just got a gut feeling it’s not my age!

totally not your age, guys. i’m 23 years young and am a designer… i juggle a handful of projects a day. it’s literally a task in itself to try and keep things organized. i lose my train of thought all the time and it takes awhile to figure out what it is i’m supposed to be doing. young, old.. it’s a very common symptom of MS. anyone notice it’s only short term memory as well? at least for me, i don’t forget long-term things, it’s the day to day, hourly type stuff…. you guy???

Henks, totally agree, only short term stuff, really annoying, IO teach in a vocational area in a local college, finding it really hard. Doc told me MS doesn’t affect memory!!!! I care to disagree!

This is hard to say, but stress DOES make it worse. I was diagnosed at the start of a degree course and it got worse in the 2nd year.
A lot of the comments on here are from ppl in employment….you may find you have to adjust. Go part-time or change job completely.
Fatigue DOES affect you and the blanking out may simply be due to that. You may literally be trying to push yourself too hard.
You have to learn to accept, that you DO have limits!

“Mild cognitive dysfunction usually includes difficulty analyzing situations, trouble concentrating on a specific thing or being overwhelmed when many things are going on at once, difficulty remembering things that happened recently, and having trouble finding words for common things.

With multiple sclerosis, the functions that are likely to remain unchanged are intellect, long term memory, reading comprehension, and social skills. Concentration, memory, processing of information, planning, visual perception, and verbal fluency are the most likely areas of cognition to be affected with multiple sclerosis.”

Yeah Ive felt this at time.. Just blanking out, not finding the word, forgetting things I did some minutes ago, HORRIBLE feeling. My brain is my number one tool, I think a lot about things, and if I loose the ability to do so, and analyze situations, and if I keep my intellect as it says in the article i quoted.. sheesh.. realizing that you’ve become an idiot isn’t something that I will take easy.What I think is the best solution to this problem, just out of intuition, is to keep your brain fresh, do some brainteasers that will challenge you. It may be difficult at first, but I feel that the longer you deal with the problems, the better your ability to concentrate will be. Ive tried it a couple of times, and it really helps. Don’t do this when you are extremely tired, and blank out, but in the morning after you’ve woken up properly 🙂

The only good thing about MS affected memory loss is that sometimes I forget that I have a problem. Good times!

I’ve had to start taking really detailed notes during meetings (I find it really helpful to assign who said what, it helps me remember things in context a little easier). I also rely heavily on electronic diaries. Where I used to have a single entry about a looming deadline, I probably have a half dozen now, some at the beginning, as a reminder to get underway, or check on progress, if I’m overseeing a project, and then a few more towards the end, to tick off the key achievables. A lot of the things I’m forgetting used to be second nature to me, so now I’m pretty detailed in what I want to achieve in each entry. And if I think of something extra, it only takes a moment to update.

I do still get embarrassed when I can’t find the right word, or when I say the wrong word, but if I don’t write down that I stuffed up, then I probably won’t remember that I did. As I said, Good times!

completely agree with tomtom. I do brainteasers etc to keep my brain ticking over as much as i do physio for my physical health

Lists and more lists. I was diagnosed 6 years ago but have always been pretty forgetful anyway!!! That coupled with getting busier at work as my career progresses means that I have so many more things to remember. About 12 mths ago I started listing, prioritising tasks and having them on my desk or in meeting. It helped me not only to not forget but i wasn’t feeling the pressure of worrying whether I have forgotten anything. I hope this helps.

I also find taking notes at work eradicates the memory problems. As a web developer, it’s easy to lose focus and start surfing the net – taking notes keeps me focussed and on the job!

It drives me crazy when I am talking and then forget a word. My husband plays the charade game with me also. Eventually I’ll just say nevermind sometimes. The best part is when my husband and I am trying to get the right word and then I’ll forget whatever I was talking about.

I like the idea of brain teasers … I used to do a lot of sudoku as I was on a train commuting to work so I think I’ll start doing those again. Definitely agree with it being short term.
Wow, so many responses to this! Thanks, it’s helped a lot and I’ve told husband about the responses so he’s happy again!

Definitely. Reading a book over a longish period of time has got difficult, and I often find myself reciting amusing conversations back to the person I originally had them with. I recently had a neuropsych assessment and they basically said that I’m probably only noticing a difference because of my fatigue or because I am stressed, but it does really feel as though a part of yourself is slipping away. I try to do crosswords and memory games just to keep the cogs turning just in case.

Perfect explanation @tomtom!!! Yes it seems more short term. My husband is like “you can remember things from years ago but not hours ago?” then people say its my memory? Sometimes I record my husband and daughter because THEY are forgetting stuff and saying its me!! I also set reminders constantly on my calendar in my phone. But YAY! It’s just not me! Lol

Oh gosh yes. I can’t remember peoples names, get stuck half way through a sentence after forgetting words that pop back into my mind later. I even forget that I have MS at times and am left wondering why I’ve experienced a certain symptom. I don’t know what day it is quite often. My library is certainly like a teen bedroom. Yet I’m fantastic at word puzzles, crosswords, scrabble etc and have been in a champion pub quiz team.

Ive been living in my house for five years and cant remember which side of the cabinet doors opens as I am always pulling on the hinge side. Last night I even laughed at myself as I W’s in the cabinet 30 seconds earlier and tried to open the wrong side.
Someone told me its because my brain does not feel its important enough to remember so I just discount it.

I find I have a much harder time now thinking of a lot of things.

I was helping a new co-worker come up to speed on our system, and he had a hundred questions in many different directions and it was just leaving my confused and unresponsive to have to try to think of it all. I finally had to explain to him about the MS and the fact that I understood his questions and the need for them but I was going to have to try to keep things focused and in order because my brain couldn’t jump around as fast as he was….

I have this problem to, long term memory is great, but if I pop to sainsbury’s without writing a list I could be in trouble!
Best wishes


Ha! Yes to all of the above!

I noticed the same Henks! I seem to forget short term but my long term seems ok! And forgetting words! Omg! Its sooo embarrasing!


My students love it when I make up new words or combine their names. I’m the wicked cool crazy teacher with no memory.

I’m with you guys. Fantastic long term memory but short term is terrible! It drives my fiancee crazy. And I feel like if I say its because of Ms its like I blame everything on that

my memory is, nothing but a memory

Me too, forget my children’s names! Well just mix them up.

Cant find paperwork etc, going to stop having a handbag because I leave it places.

Have to put appointments in my phone, or I forget to go or turn up on wrong day or time. That’s when I remember how to input it!

It gets me mad because I ysed to be super organised. Worked as a Civil Servant and could file for England, not working at moment as not physically or mentally up to it. We managed as I just dont spend anything. Cant drive anymore, but when I did and was not home when my hubbie thought I would be, he came looking for me incase I had forgotten where I lived! Always joking about putting a Paddington Bear type luggage label on me!

We laugh at it most of the time, but it does get me down sometimes.

My cognition fluctuates massively but I cope with it at work through a system of writing notes and using the schedule on the computer, I actually find the act of writing things down tends to make it stick in my head for longer and if that fails then I can always go back to the notes I’ve made. I also play harmonica when I can’t think properly which seems to get my fireing better, I think because it engages a different part of the brain and because it maakes me relax, might sound a bit strange but it does work really well for me! I do play it in the car after I start to realise that nothing is making any sence, so the rest of the office doesn’t have to suffer it.

Whoops there’s a couple typos in that last one!

I get these moments when my brain knows the answer, but it does not get to my mouth to say it! how weird is that? Lovely to know it is NOT my age and i am not losing my marbles.
Now in a “pub quiz” setting, I’m like: I KNOW the answer to this one! but no, its a blank moment and its gone.
But like many on here…..serious lists and notes…otherwise I’d be worse than I am!

My short term memory has been awful since my relapse in march but brain training on the d.s. helps a little and I have noticed that the more tired I am, the worse it gets.

I recognise these problems and I now believe in the “hereafter”.

I’ll go into another room, scratch my head and think, “What am I here after!”

I told my mum about memory probs when i had a hard time remembering what I did on the weekend…guess what happened? She didn’t look impressed that i couldn’t remember and said “What’s wrong with you?!!” “I’ve got ms which effects the brain so i can’t remember things as well as i used to.” “MS just effects the nerves. Not brain function like your memory!” “*sigh* whatever mum…”

LOL @stumbler

So many great comments. Good to hear that it’s not just me. I have always been a little scatterbrained but since my fatigue has worsened so has my memory. My two biggest issues seem to be word recall, only nouns, and the hereafter problem stumbler referred to. I have used the calendar on my phone for years to remind myself of tasks, meetings, etc. Recently I have found that I have to schedule the most minute tasks like reminders to make a phone call.

I bought one of those electronic organisers to help with the memory problems. I forgot I had it. I found it about 2 years later, still in its box.

@pottypete Lol! That’s why I use my phone’s calendar. I do lose that on occasion but so far I haven’t forgotten that I own it. So far that is…. 😉

I also forgot that I have ME as well as my MS and that the two combined are making it difficult to distinguish between symptoms for either of the conditions.

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