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Memory loss

I’ve been diagnosed with MS for 2 years now, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s hard for me to remember things, such as short term(5 min ago) or events that happened in the past. It’s kinda of a scary feeling, how do you guys cope with the memory loss? Or what do you guys do to help yourself remember things

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8 months ago

Hey kasankey, I trust you are well. I have been increasingly aware of the same problem, names are my worst. I was diagnosed in 2003, so fifteen years odd. I can forget someone new’s name in minutes! But i graduated with a 2.1 in law in 2009 and will be picking up wit my Masters in politics at the end of the year, so study and short term memory are affected differently for me. I do need to help myself with daily tasks though, I email and text myself or write lists, whichever works. I find I can get way with: hello mate, brother, sister, pal etc. And ask people how they would like to be known on my phone when I take their number. Like many things with MS, it’s a bugger, but don’t let it beat you. Ask your neurologist when you get the chance for suggestions. You can live life with the memory problems you describe and don’t kick yourself about it, you will still wake up breathing tomorrow! xxx

8 months ago

@kasankey , here’s some detail about this particular symptom :-

8 months ago

Hi @kasanskey. I’ve been diagnosed for around 2 years too and like you, I’m really struggling with my memory. My neuro tried me on dementia meds but they made me ill so I’m off those now. My MS nurse requested Speech Therapy for me – for memory. I didn’t realise that speech therapists worked with memory problems! They give strategies to help, but to be honest she said that I was using the strategies instinctively anyway (describing what you mean when you forget a word; setting alarms in the kitchen to remind me that I’m cooking: putting everything on a desk diary, which I keep on the kitchen counter – that said, I forgot to go for my B12 inj on Wed, so I need to remember to check the diary!! Using voice commands to technological equipment to “set a reminder” “set an alarm” etc; ‘bluffing’ when I forget someone’s name). I’ve found that these strategies help….. but it doesn’t sort the source of the problem, my poor memory. Its mainly my short term memory that’s affected – I burn so much food because I forget that I’m cooking. Using the alarms definitely helps! The therapist also suggested doing puzzles ie word searches, suduko, crosswords or using apps with similar features, just to keep the brain active.
I don’t know if any of this helps but if you find any other strategies, please share them. Many heads make memory work (with apologies for the correct saying). Aliga

5 months ago

Hi kasanskey. I get ‘instant’ memory loss. By the time I pick up my pen or turn on my little dictaphone, it’s GONE!

5 months ago

Hi kasanskey
Yes I have it too, but not all the time thankfully, I had a “funny episode” a few nights back which I think I will get teased about for a long time, but then I’m not upset as when I looked at it in the cold light of day it made me laugh.
Other half came to bed and I said have you done the spud fruit, he looked at me and said what, I was getting angry with myself and was shouting at him and saying you know the fruit the grapefruit hum pineapple – I think after that I got straight back to sleep (which makes a change!!) but he was worried about it all night and asked in the morning what had he forgot to do, I had no idea all I could think it was after a long thought was cut the mango, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember the fruit’s name at the time.

sorry for rattling on but it made me smile, but it can be very disconcerting.
I try and smile and if I do get it wrong or blank it – that’s just me

5 months ago

Hi Kasanskey, I too have short term memory problems butI am 62 so it could be something else but my house is filled with sticky notes I find them invaluable, long term memory is not a problem at all. I have just learned to live with it, it’s a bit of an embarrassment when you can’t remember or say the name of a person you’ve just been introduced to! It’s amazing what you get away with when you’re old😍

5 months ago

My smartphone does a lot of the heavy lifting – maps, notes, schedule, shopping andto-do lists… everything. It’s a life saver but I still do things to help to improve my actual memory.

For memorising lists or just practising, I try to group similar items into categories because memorising the chunk is easier than individual items. Saying things out loud also helps.

As the issue with memory is often not really about recall but more about not paying initial attention, focusing on a single task at a time will help you to remember it more than dividing your attention between two or three. Scheduling is important here: if you have two major things that you need to process, maybe don’t do them on the same day.

Little memory games are just good for training.

Mindfulness. I’m not a devout meditator or anything, but being generally calm and aware is great for improving attention.

Eat well. I don’t really cut out any foods but my brain does work best when I’m not exclusively eating junk.

5 months ago

its the treatment you are own
MS might effect your studies
not right away but in the start of the year you are awesome end of it you feel lost grades drop
thats just an exaple of course same goes with everything in life
MS doesnt effect appointments conversations cooking or regular life tasks mi remember it was worst than bormal but hardly biticed with meds it was worst
not asking you to wuit having meds maybe it needs time till your system get used to them

5 months ago

I seem to have more memory loss recently, just forgetting what I was talking about mid sentence and more frequently forgetting what I was about to do or get!

I think this is my MS but also just usual life and getting older haha.

I try to write down things the minute I think of them for work stuff otherwise I’d forget.

5 months ago

@lindagoodman I have the instant memory loss as well! I get super frustrated! I’ll grab a medication to take it and a split sec later have no idea if I actually did. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one to forget things immediately, but I wish no one had to go through it.

5 months ago

I echo all the above, but I have my 68th birthday next month and am not really much different memory-wise than my contemporaries! The brain starts shrinking pretty at about 30 (I think) and we know that having MS can double the rate of shrinkage. The neuro told me at my last appointment that the drug I’m on (fingolimod) slows that shrinkage right down, so that’s a real positive – and something to consider if you’re wondering about DMTs. There’s so much we don’t know about how the brain works!

5 months ago

Hi mlgilber1. Re ‘instant’ ml. To keep it in my mind, I repeat it in my mind until I’ve picked up my pen or phone and written it, or going to get something repeating just a word or 2 until you’re there. All my pills are in blister packs and I write the day or time in Sharpie/felt tip pen on each one. Then If I’ve taken it, it will be empty. You develop strategies as you go along, like setting the timer if you’re cooking. But I still forget to return to what I was doing! And if going to get something, I think of something else to do, I tell myself “no”. Keep your mind on one thing at a time or the first has ‘disappeared’.

5 months ago

I don’t have memory problems all the time but when it’s playing up (I blame the lesion on my brain that I’ve named Larry) I find narrating myself as I’m doing something quite helpful (as weird as it sounds!). I always forget if I’ve got shampoo or conditioner on my hair in the shower so I talk myself through it as im doing it.

When I get frustrated or really stressed I forget words which in turn makes me more frustrated or stressed so my fella knows when I’m struggling and just say “word!!!!” It turns into some weird guessing game where he says words he thinks I might be looking for and it tends to lighten the situation and we have a bit of a laugh about!

My fella does claim there’s about a year of our lives that I’ve seemingly wiped from my memory though as he’s forever saying “oh remember when we did this” and I just don’t have the faintest idea.

Putting things in exactly the same place all the time is really helpful as it tends to stick for me so I know where stuff is.

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