kasankey 26/04/18
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Memory loss

I’ve been diagnosed with MS for 2 years now, but lately I’ve noticed that it’s hard for me to remember things, such as short term(5 min ago) or events that happened in the past. It’s kinda of a scary feeling, how do you guys cope with the memory loss? Or what do you guys do to help yourself remember things

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4 weeks ago

Hey kasankey, I trust you are well. I have been increasingly aware of the same problem, names are my worst. I was diagnosed in 2003, so fifteen years odd. I can forget someone new’s name in minutes! But i graduated with a 2.1 in law in 2009 and will be picking up wit my Masters in politics at the end of the year, so study and short term memory are affected differently for me. I do need to help myself with daily tasks though, I email and text myself or write lists, whichever works. I find I can get way with: hello mate, brother, sister, pal etc. And ask people how they would like to be known on my phone when I take their number. Like many things with MS, it’s a bugger, but don’t let it beat you. Ask your neurologist when you get the chance for suggestions. You can live life with the memory problems you describe and don’t kick yourself about it, you will still wake up breathing tomorrow! xxx

4 weeks ago

@kasankey , here’s some detail about this particular symptom :-


4 weeks ago

Hi @kasanskey. I’ve been diagnosed for around 2 years too and like you, I’m really struggling with my memory. My neuro tried me on dementia meds but they made me ill so I’m off those now. My MS nurse requested Speech Therapy for me – for memory. I didn’t realise that speech therapists worked with memory problems! They give strategies to help, but to be honest she said that I was using the strategies instinctively anyway (describing what you mean when you forget a word; setting alarms in the kitchen to remind me that I’m cooking: putting everything on a desk diary, which I keep on the kitchen counter – that said, I forgot to go for my B12 inj on Wed, so I need to remember to check the diary!! Using voice commands to technological equipment to “set a reminder” “set an alarm” etc; ‘bluffing’ when I forget someone’s name). I’ve found that these strategies help….. but it doesn’t sort the source of the problem, my poor memory. Its mainly my short term memory that’s affected – I burn so much food because I forget that I’m cooking. Using the alarms definitely helps! The therapist also suggested doing puzzles ie word searches, suduko, crosswords or using apps with similar features, just to keep the brain active.
I don’t know if any of this helps but if you find any other strategies, please share them. Many heads make memory work (with apologies for the correct saying). Aliga

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