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Meds or not?

Hi all, I’m in the latter stages of diagnosis and been thrown into confusion. I know that there have been breakthroughs in medication in recent years to treat the variety of stages and symptoms but one neurologist has told me to be very wary of starting meds whilst the neurologist today wants to go gung ho with medication. I just don’t know what to do and would love to know if anyone has any views on this? Thanks

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1 year ago

@kat1 , it is a bit of a minefield.

As far as Neuros are concerned, they seem to fall into one of two camps:-

The conservative approach – start slowly, using the least effective drugs. Then, if you continue to suffer frequent relapses, step up to a more effective treatment. This runs the risk of accumulating lifelong damage, as you find the treatment that is right for you.

The Proactive approach – hit the MS hard and fast with the most effective treatments. This minimises the possibility of accumulating unnecessary damage.

Then, to confuse the issue even further, there is the natural approach. A fairly strict dietary regime, avoiding certain foodstuffs. This approach can be frowned upon by the Medical profession, citing only anecdotal evidence being available.

Ultimately, it’s your body and your choice………..

1 year ago

Not sure when u were daignosed.
Personaly i didnt go on dmt my life is going on normal.
Not disabled. Daignosed 13 years ago.
But ms made a messy map in my brain atrophy oceans high Waves mountains 😬 but no relapses yet so
Listen to the most caring neuro
Not strict ones

1 year ago

Mind u
I dont know if that makes a different but i must say i live in a warm country or better say burning hot country maybe thats a factor in keeping my ms calm for quiet a long while altho there r many saudis in misarble condisions altho some of them been taking treatment. MS has a mind and a mood of its own.

1 year ago

Is there a connection at all between warmer climes and relapses? I’m always open to another reason to head to Italy 😆.

I’ve seen 5 neurologists (3 in last 4 months), scheduled for a lumbar puncture now to see if something (I can’t remember what) is in there. So not diagnosed yet, but feel it’s imminent.

Tbh just have questions that I need answering, I know nothing about MS and how it really affects you..I know the biology and mechanics of it but it’s just dawning on me that it really is serious and just can’t carry on as I was.

Thanks for the opinions, the more that answer the more info I’m armed with to actually make a decision here..whichever way it is! 😁

1 year ago

@stumbler I don’t think I’m can go strict dietary etc, it would make my life more miserable…can’t be doing that!! Although definitely into holistic treatments and combining with DMT’s potentially. It’s all now or nothing really for a while and delay the decision longer and possibly do yourself harm.

1 year ago

@kat1 , there seems there is a connection between warmer climes and MS generally.

There’s a higher incidence of MS, the further north or south of the Equator you reside. Canada and Scotland are MS hotspots for MS.

It may be connected with vitamin D3 levels, which rely on sunlight. Although vitamin D3 deficiency seems to be only one part of the MS jigsaw…………

As for diet, do what you’re comfortable doing, but base it on a healthy, balanced approach.

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