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Medical examination

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone had had the same experience as me. After waiting nearly 6 months to see a neurologist, he did a very basic examination. He had me walk on heels and tiptoes, tested feelings in both hands and legs by touch. Tested reflexes in knees, ankles and feet, with my socks on!
He then made me follow his finger with my eyes and close my eyes and touch my nose and that was it. My GP did the same tests.
He said he was confident no didn’t have any form of brain tumor or neurological disorder as I could touch my nose with my eyes shut. ( My mother can do this and she has advanced Parkinson’s!)
Any advice would be welcome, is this the normal for examinations for possible MS? I am thinking of asking for a second opinion but if he’s done the correct examination then perhaps that’s it and I am stuck in limbo?

Thanks in advance,

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11 months ago

@suewy, personally, I would go back and discuss the situation with your GP. They referred you in the first place.

It does seem that the Neuro gave you short shrift, so if your GP agrees, they might suggest the next step.

You should be keeping a symptom diary, so that you can provide a short, concise list at all future appointments, both GP and any other referral.

Did your recent optician’s appointment reveal anything?

11 months ago

Hi Stumbler,
Thanks for your reply. I am keeping a diary but when I offered to show him he dismissed it as unnecessary. The optician offered me some higher magnification reading glasses. They don’t do retinal scans as standard, I have to go back for this at a later date.
I have to see the GP in two weeks once he’s written to her. In the mean time he told me to try swimming backstroke and lie down as much as possible!
He wasn’t very helpful at all 😪

11 months ago

@suewy , he does sound a bit dismissive……….

11 months ago

Go back to the opticians or try a different optician for retinal photo/scan.. Mine keeps a record of photos to see any changes, none yet. And did the opticians visit bring anything up? Did they look at the back of your eyes?

Do you have anyone you can take with you to the docs? Sometimes having backup helps get your concerns across more and they “hear” what the docs thoughts are when we are stressed.

Good luck

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