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ME & MS?

Hi I am new to this site. So hello!
I was diagnosed 10 years ago with R&R MS. But 9 years before that r was diagnosed with ME there are no links between the two and I do have ME.
And that’s what I want to ask has anyone else been diagnosed with both conditions. It’s not easy living with both as in some ways they are the same tiredness for eg!
And knowing if it is my MS or ME causing a problem can be a little confusing at times.
And I have just been diagnosed with pulmonary embolism I don’t know if anyone else with MS has also had this diagnosis?
I am sorry if I have gone on too much I just want to say hi to everyone too.
Hayley x

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10 months ago

Hi. I don’t have ME but just wanted to say you are a hero. I just read about you & thought how brave & strong you must be to live fight 2 conditions. So well done for being strong

10 months ago


I have ppms for many years now and have also had a few PE’s so I feel for you. I take warfarin and have a coagucheck machine to check my INR so I can regulate how much medication to take.

Just a thought, have you been tested for Hughes Syndrome, also known as sticky blood, might be worth asking for the test if you haven’t. I was tested but was negative.

Wishing you all the best.

Pam x

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