cleofitz 17/02/15
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New research – google above……its a molecule, which could be a breakthrough for all us MSers! It will take 10 years to hit the shelves but its positive news from Ireland!!!!

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3 years ago

Here’s a link to one such story:-

So, it’s a 20-year old drug, but it’s the penultimate sentence in the report that worries me, “Prof Cooper has compounded several unique forms of the drug based on the original formula and these can now be patent protected.”

I suppose this means that they can name their own price for this new compounding, so someone else can get rich out of our misery!

But, let’s be hopeful……

3 years ago

Well, I think it’s positive news – the Irish Times is a very reputable newspaper and Trinity College, where the research was done, is an acclaimed institution. I don’t care who gets rich on the back of me getting a break from my MS. If it means a cure, I will feel like the richest gal alive!!!!

3 years ago

@cleofitz , you may need to be rich if the Health Service can’t afford for you to have it! lol 😆

But, we have to try and stay optimistic, when we’re being philosophical. 😉

3 years ago

That is a very fair point. In my naïveté and excitement, I just assumed all our various health services would pay for it!!! The Irish government better had and I hope it gets approval ASAP (and not in 15 years!!) Dream on, I guess. Still It gave me something positive to make my day today and even made the TV news at 6pm!

3 years ago

Thanks for posting this!

I did some checking and this is a diabetic medicine (diabetes is also an autoimmune disease) called Glybenclamide or the brand name in the US is Glyburide. So there is hope for this drug. It is off patent in the US now & has generic forms. It is pretty cheap in the US.

I do not know what dosage they are testing. No clinical trials are registered currently in the US. The journal Nature published a study in their Dec 2012 issue. I’m trying to get a copy of that.

Interesting stuff!

3 years ago

this drug definitely looks exciting, and would probably make an excellent combination with copaxone. most things would combine well with copaxone. i would love to get a combination trial going in spokane.

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