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I am a 55-year-old woman and I have been suffering from MS for 40 years! I have had very severe attacks, but persistently and with supplements I move, travel and enjoy as far as I can live! I already have a granddaughter at 9 years old! It is very difficult and hard in Bulgaria for MS patients, but I am one of those who succeed! I wished to meet people who were alert, to talk about the things I consume, to say that I manage to survive with 150 euros per month, this gives me the state as a disability pension! I pray God not to have a severe attack, because then … end with me! My son and his wife help me! I would love someone to write to me! I can not handle English, but with a translator I will succeed! Thanks

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4 months ago

@marianski hello and welcome! I’m a bit older than you, 62, and have had ms for 25 years. Still here, still fighting. I too live on disability, Its not much and I get other government money as well but I understand things are a bit cheaper in Bulgaria. I too have a grandchild, but a granddaughter aged 14, there are plenty if older people on this site and we’re always here for a natter. Are you on any medication, how are things medically in Bulgaria? Hope to talk again soon✌🏼😉😍

4 months ago

Oh, in Bulgaria there is everything in Europe as long as you have the opportunity to buy them! I, with the help of my son, buy vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, magnesium, many nutritional supplements for having many joint diseases because of the many corticosteroids that healed me in the 80s of the last century! I just did not know if you are a man or a woman, but it does not matter! This is my first attempt to contact outside of my country and I’m glad someone paid attention to me! Where you are, how they care for you in your country! Is there any physiotherapy to help you! I have problems with incontinence and it’s very unpleasant! Now I want to try yoga, hopefully help me because after the Christmas holidays I put a few more pounds!

4 months ago

Hi @mariana_hristova and welcome from the (dis-) United Kingdom.

I can’t quite imagine how hard it is for you. We are looked after, as long as we are patient.

Yoga is a great help, to stretch muscles and retain suppleness. You can find that on the internet (You-Tube) for free.

Stay strong.

4 months ago

@marianski. Hi! Glad that you have succeeded. It must be difficult for you, I cannot imagine. First chance I’ve had to actually get into this site.
I was diagnosed in 2005 at age 57. I may have had MS years before but had no idea. I have been on Copaxone since a couple months after diagnosis and am still on it. I turned 70 this past March and I am seriously thinking of coming off My MS drug. I have read that for many it I less likely that MS will progress after 70. My MS neurologist says it is really going to be my decision and it is a personal one b/c I don’t have a lot of symptoms and those I have, mostly urinary, can also be aging issues as well. I am going to wait until my next MRI in April and then will re-evaluate at that time.
I take a lot of dietary supplements. I hope they have helped, but I am never sure. Other than the first symptom I had in 2005 (transverse myelitis,) I can’t say I have had any other “attacks” since then or at least anything that I can label as an attack. I do get MS hugs now and then.
My husband and I became grandparents for the first time this past October. Our grandson is about 13 weeks old now but lives about 2000 miles away. We were there for the birth and stayed a few weeks. I don’t care much for travel. My husband is going to help her out for a few weeks soon.
I recently retired as a cantor soloist. That has been difficult because something has changed with my singing, but I still fill in when needed and I belong to a few coral groups. Other than that I’m too busy on my computer and not getting a lot done that I need to get done.
My best wishes to you and all here.

4 months ago

Hello @mariana_hristova and everyone. I’m really glad you have found a good way to be in contact with others. I am 52and diagnosed two years ago. I am on medication but find we benefit the most through good diet, sleep and positive thinking. At least you are in a country 5at provides a state benefit, even if it is small. Big welcome from the U.K. you might get some responses from the U.S when they wake up over there! X

4 months ago

Hi @marianski thank you for sharing your story. It’s wonderful to hear how positive you are and I’m sorry that things can be difficult. I live in Ireland and I’m a teacher. I’m 38 years old and I have two children. I teach children with autism at a primary school and I’m hopeful that MS won’t rob me of that any time soon!
I am really careful about what I eat and drink and I eat quite a lot of green vegetables every day. I also eat lots of turmeric and ginger.. I add them to everything I possibly can. I take vitamin D every day along with fish oils, magnesium and wheatgrass. I don’t take any dairy or coffee and this has made a huge difference to me. I guess we each find what works well for us … but a positive attitude is the best weapon! 😊

4 months ago
I try to adhere to Matt’s rules, but it’s very difficult for me to do financially. When I have the opportunity to buy some of the supplements, one and the other I do not get the money! But it does not matter, the important thing is that I tried and stopped all milk and bread derivatives, I do not consume sugar (it’s not bad because I’m rounded!), But honestly I say to you that I feel better! Try it too, you will not regret, at least 6 months! Thanks to the good people who wrote to me! I felt significant and I enjoyed it!

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