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Managing work & income

I have on average 3 days a week where I feel completely wiped out and incapable of much activity or focus.
I’ve struggled with this for years and it has hampered my sense of independence and confidence in committing to a full time job.

My ms nurse thinks this might be due to depression as I have a relatively small number of lesions.
If you have similar symptoms, I am interested how you manage them with regards to work & income?

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6 months ago

@joshd , fatigue is a major problem with MS. We just have to pace ourselves and work within our capabilities. This might help explain the situation :-

You should also have a chat with your Doctor regarding the possibility of depression. This wouldn’t be unusual when you’re dealing with a condition like MS.

6 months ago

Are you on any anti- depressants? My ms nurse reckons everyone with ms should be on the lowest dos permanently as she thinks that just dealing with ms is enough for anyone. I’m on 10mg a day, but I have a pill splitter, 10 is the lowest dose available but I recken that splitting the tablet and just dealing with 1/2 will be ideal. Don’t worry about long term use, the pros massively outweigh the cons . Addiction is not an issue. Give it a go😍

6 months ago

Thanks for your replies guys. I’ll check out the article. Yes it’s been strange that my nurse has be dismissive of my reports of fatigue. I have finally requested a new one as I don’t think she’s helping me. I think it’s been difficult with people (including family) not understanding the energy issue also. How do you guys manage your communication around the issue?

I’ve given some thought to antidepressants but have read about the side effects especially regarding withdrals. Did they help with your energy at all or just with your mood?

6 months ago

@joshd , that article above is one way of trying to relate your fatigue to others.

Antidepressants do help with mood. They get you thinking in a better way. Feeling in a better place might give your energy a boost…….

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