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Mad twitches in my legs..bit embarrasing

OMG I have had for the last month some very strange “TWITCHES” in both of my legs at varying times, just like they have had a bolt of electricity through them that makes them “come alive” I’m guessing these are called “spasms”..? They aren’t painful in any way but just embarrassing if I’m sat down and my leg just shoots out or has a twitch. I have told only a few friends about my MS so while I was having lunch with a friend who doesn’t know about my MS but has only been told by me that my mobility problems are caused by a bad back (which is also semi true 🙁 ) my legs kept twitching about under the table… 🙁 Couldn’t explain it without having to fes up that I have MS.. I just laughed and said “That’s weird..” and nothing more was said. Does anyone else get these weird “twitches” too..?

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4 years ago

I’m a great one for “twitching” legs. My problem is dysaesthesia, or paraesthesia in the lower leg and feet. It’s a constant burning sensation. This becomes like someone’s scratching the soles of your feet and eventually, you have to kick out!

I try not to sit too closely to someone sitting opposite me! 😆

4 years ago

Ouchy @stumbler someone scratching the bottom of your feet sound hideous… 🙁 and if my leg twitches carry on I’m going to enter STRICTLY even though I’m not a celeb.. (Maybe won’t matter as sometimes hard pushed to know who they have appearing too …!!)

4 years ago

I get them too – especailly on long car rides or in cramped airline seats! It is worse when I am tired. Try to make sure both feet are on the floor when you sit down and get up to strech when you can. The more you think about it the worse it gets – I find a drink relaxes body and mind in this case. Good luck!!

4 years ago

RLS = Restless Leg Syndrome
Kidney patients get it cuz of toxins in the blood affecting the muscles. With MS the scrambled nerves are giving mixed msg to the muscles.
Northernlass – you will get far few wierd looks if you just tell friends.

4 years ago

Yeh I get them, moreso for some reason at night time when sat down. No pain just like a bolt of electric through them and kick out. Why don’t you want to tell folk about your MS. I feel better folk knowing as would be worried think I have a drinking problem if they were to see me walking lol.

4 years ago

Twitching legs OMG. Mine are alternate never both together, but never know which one it’s going to be, when sitting on a chair I can’t lift my right leg more than 6inches off the ground, but when it twitches it shoots up above waist height, starts from above the knee and lightens the muscles right down to my foot, my wife sometimes tries to stop it, no chance, can’t say my leg muscles are weak, when the signal gets there they would crush a grape. Lol PS.Northernlass, if your friends don’t know you have a problem, you must be really good,, Good for you

4 years ago

Yeah, @northernlass I’ve developed this over the past number of months. Sensations like electricity running from my calf muscles and jerks.
I have been prescribed ‘Baclofen’ for muscle spasticity.
I only started the meds a couple of weeks back – so too early to say if it helps…

4 years ago

Hi Eddie. Your choice of course but baclofen made me worse, it can make the muscles week, I went from twitchy legs to twitchy legs I couldn’t stand on. 10mg twice a day for months, iv stopped taking now, ms nurse then said oh yes they can do that,, ok stop then. Thanks for advice at start, Not.

4 years ago

I get mad leg twitches particularly as I’m falling asleep for some reason? I get that sensation like i’m falling backwards as I drift off and in that state of halfsleep my legs twitch and I have inadvertently fired off many kicks where I hit things around me, like my desk for example. My #1 remedy. Smoke some hooch. There’s nothing better for it.

4 years ago

My legs use to twitch when I was laying down in bed but both at the same time. It was like when they use the paddles to shock the heart. My Wife/Girlfriend would be almost asleep and it would wake her up. They have since calmed down and I get them once in a blue moon now. Over tiredness was the main cause.

Resting offtern helps me. I have a sleep at night and again I lay down for an hour at some point in the day.

I work until 23:00 some nights so getting up at 7:00 to help get the kids ready for school is the main reason I need to rest again in the day.

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