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Lumbar Puncture Experience

Hi All

So i had my first lumbar puncture yesterday and I seem to fall into the small category where it was a very unpleasant experience. The doc (a Neuro surgeon) explained the procedure and most of it was exactly how i read about it to be. He did say that when the needle is in the correct area within the spine that I will experience sciatica like pain. maybe it didn’t research it enough but i had not read anything online nor in the pamphlet that was sent to me mentioning this.
I had 1 x Lorapine before the procedure but i think i was just too anxious for that to take an effect! The anaesthetic injections were fine and initially the big needle was fine – until he found the ‘correct area’ and kept moving the needle waiting for some fluid to come up. All the time i was in agony. in the end i had to ask him to stop as it was just too bad. i had a 15/20 min rest and another Lorapine then we tried it again in a seated position but with the same effects. 🙁
I now have to go back in a couple of weeks to do the procedure via x-rays ——- really not looking forward to it at all! Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh

on the plus point though – 2 x Lorapine gave me a mega 16 hour uninterrupted sleep! I feel AMAZING today! 😀

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1 year ago


What in the world? Did you get a neurosurgeon in training? Very sorry to hear.

Mine was easy; told to lean over with my arms resting on the table. A swab then the needle was injected as the Doctor was trying to pick up the assisting nurse. Ten minutes later, everything was done. Very minor discomfort overnight…

1 year ago

Hello @mightymichymac, nightmare! My LP was the worst experience of my life, four separate attempts. But, having it under x-ray guidance will be quick and easy. Make sure you take sedation before to ensure you are relaxed. And, you absolutely need to make yourself lie flat for a few days after, even though you will feel fine. Need to avoid The Headache. All the best, it will be fine x

1 year ago

Mine was super easy and quick.. well I can’t even remember much at all cause I had relapses and felt horrible anyway.. maybe a good thing was that I couldn’t see the needle as my vision was really bad. I tried to be relaxed and had my mum’s support the whole time (glad she is a nurse :D)
You will be fine just try to relax close your eyes and it will be over quicker than you think xx

1 year ago


This is a joke !

Insist on a guided (x-ray) LP, cannot believe they are still doing unguided….

I don’t recall any of that bullshit about the “area”. I had it and felt zero… nothing…. it was guided and easy.

1 year ago

Mine was fine, I had to lie on my side, I didn’t feel anything. I was told to drink lots as you could end up with a headache if you didn’t.

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