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Lumbar puncture

I’m new here so just finding my feet! I have an appointment for a lumbar puncture next week but really not sure whether to have it or not??
I have read lots of stories but I think just making me more confused!
I had an MRI which was abnormal so do I really need this LP?
Any advice?

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1 year ago

Normally a LP is required by a neurologist to help with the diagnosis of MS and if he feels it needs to be done then I would go through with it. But I can say hand on heart that it really isn’t all that bad. I made the same mistake of looking up on Google before my procedure and heard terrifying stories about it which is always a mistake but during the procedure I didn’t feel a thing, in fact at one point I asked when were we getting started and the Doctor said she was halfway done and I was suprised. I did get a headache later on though and a saw back but that lasted for about 2 days. That was the last time I used Dr Google.

1 year ago


Maybe internet searching has you worried… Do not be afraid; there is nothing to worry about.

To prepare, watch “This is Spinal Tap… I did – LOL

You lean over with your back exposed. They stick in a needle to withdraw some fluid. Should take less than 20 minutes then you wait for a little while to ensure no problems. Following that you need someone to drive you home.

They claim there might be minor side effects over the next few days; I had none. If they asked me for another spinal tap, I would show up immediately.

1 year ago

I was so afraid to have the spinal tap done that I had a complete panic attack on the table. But…when the nurse sais the doc was almost done…I didn’t even realize he had started. The only lil pinch I felt waa from the numbing injection. Wasn’t painful at all. You will do great!;

1 year ago

Hi @dmt727 and welcome.

The anticipation is a lot worse than the actual procedure. Just follow the post-procedure instructions, to keep lying down.

Having caffeine energy drinks, e.g. Pepsi (the original one), is supposed to help your recovery.

1 year ago

Thanks for all your replies.
Roll on Wednesday lol!! I will update you all x

1 year ago

Hi all,
Well I survived the LP!!!And we are now 3 weeks on.
It really wasn’t that bad but I did have the mother of all headaches 😡 I stayed lying down and drank lots of caffeine and really just chilled.
Now playing the waiting game to see Neuro in May!!
Still have my symptoms 😔 just wish I had more energy x

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