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is limbur puncture painful and risky/ is there any danger … ?
my GP claims that he refrred me to the hospital on the 29 May but it does not seemed to have reached the hospital.. they have no record… what to do now ..?

my experiences with gps .. make me lose my confidence in them.

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3 years ago

@zulfihan , a lumber puncture is becoming a fairly standard test for a neurologist to request/perform.

There’s a lot of bureaucrats/pen pushers in our health services. Don’t confuse bureaucratic errors with clinical errors and have confidence in the clinicians. 😉

3 years ago

It is not dangerous and they need to do it to get a final correct diagnosis. Just follow the medical advise , it is for the best. Good luck.

I had a lumbar puncture a while ago and was dreading it from all of the stuff I had read. It was really pretty painless. It ached a bit afterwards for a day or so. I understood that I had to lie still for a while afterwards to prevent headaches but was told I could get up straight away. No side effects.

I wish I had not spent hours reading about it on Google as that only added to my anxiety.

Good luck!

3 years ago

@zulfihan – LP is one of the new friends I made since my MS kicked in.

What can I tell you? Same as @Gavin, I read all the scary stuff, all the things that I shouldn’t have read. But the stories you find online are usually written by people who had a bad experience with the issue.

The truth is that on the day of the procedure I was anxious, I was talking to much, but in 5 minutes it was all over and I only felt a slight pressure as the needle went in. Afterwards I layed flat for a full 2 hours, drinking lots of water through a straw. I was sore for a few days after but that was about it.

The trick is to lay flat, do not move your head (dunno, read, listen to music, audiobooks, whatever serve you)and drink lots of fluids (water works best, as coke is a very well marketed poison for MS :)) ).

Most of all, breathe and it will be over in no time!
Lots of luck!


My MS nurse told me to lay flat as Denisa said and I questioned this but the hospital insisted there was no need and so I had to get up and go home so I did and was fine!

3 years ago

I am glad to hear that it was all ok for you.

The reason why it’s advisable to lay flat is to prevent LP headaches. When the cerebrospinal fluid gets drawn out, the intracranial pressure modifies a bit, and the body needs to adjust and rebuild those milligrams of lost fluid.

Enter all the water you drink afterwards (I drank a minimum of 2 liters :)) ). The cerebrospinal fluid renews itself in about eight hours or so, and if you drink lot of fluids you are actively helping (I’ve done a lot of reading on the topic :))) ).

Lots of health and a very nice evening to all!


3 years ago

It is similar to a routine blood test only lasting longer.

3 years ago

hi, I did what we’ve all done and googled it prior to the event. im pleased to say it was a breeze. if they advised me tomorrow to have another it wouldn’t be a problem. I will say im normal in terms of medical procedures and normal fear ratio. I read so much about remaining on your back for a period of time after the procedure, but I do remember being advised by the NHS staff that it was ok for me to get up. so I guess I just listened to my body and felt ok. ms is very bespoke so a blanket recovery is not possible. good luck – you will feel like you have super powers after cos you’ve done ‘it’ xx

3 years ago

Hi I had a LP I found the procedure ok, but when I got home I did suffer with servear headaches lasted about 3 days but they went then. Had to drink plenty of fluids and stayed in bed x

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