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Low moods

Hi guys . I’m new to this meeting other people with MS lol
I’ve had ms for over 5 years now. Diagnosed when i was 20 and now nearly 26 .
What I want to know is how do you deal with low moods and mood swings? I constantly feel horrible about myself. Constantly feel that ms holds me back from basically being me ! How can I get over this horrible black cloud that lives above my head?

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1 year ago

@saffy92 , as we go through life, we have to make various changes to meet our obligations and responsibilities at any given time. Living with MS just gives us another set of changes that we have to accept and manage.

We all have reason to feel wretched about ourselves, but it’s not our fault. We didn’t ask for this and didn’t go out of our way to get it. Of course, we will occasionally have low moods. That’s understandable. We have to put up with a lot, so we’re justified in being moody. Just make low moods to be the exception and keep a smile on your face for the rest of the time.

1 year ago


Everyone’s personality is different so there is no “one size fits all”… The brain is like a muscle; you need to condition yours to handle mood swings.

Twenty three years ago, the woman I had married & adored died. Talk about low moods & mood swings. It took over a year until I actually felt some joy; not a lot but even a short burst was better than the emptiness I had been feeling. Four years after her death I met a woman who made my life worth living once again; so I remarried.

To make a long story short – nothing depresses me now. The MS diagnosis a year ago is just another speed bump on my Road of Life… Somehow you need to train your mind to ignore the things you can not change…

Not sure if my message helps…

1 year ago

I did for my first 7 years with ms. Its natural. Better distract yourself in something you like a talent or travel meet friends family. Try to take everythibg for laugh laughibg isva good cure crack jokes but dont let having fun make you feel ascsplit personality.
Better do something u really love learn or volunteer if u arent ab employee.

Gotta admit im the coolest person in tge family now but ive been how u r i got over it my personality changed 100% after staying 3 yrs in the uk.
Now im home i miss it so i appreciate every monent im living healthy.

One thing didnt change im cool sometimes people cross linit i ignore obce twice ect but one time suddenly my brain burst with anger and shouting no obe can stop me lol
But then i laught about it 😉 you r still young try not to think a lot of our illness

Be safe


1 year ago

Depression can be a part of MS symptoms, you may need to talk to a therapist or some medicine. It could be a missing chemical in your brain that needs to be replaced. I have a son who is brilliant but couldn’t get a good grade in school. We did summer school, private school and tutor to try to help. None of this worked, I watch a television program about ADHD. All of the symptoms sounded just like my son except the hyperactivity. We decided to check it out anyways. The specialist gave me a book on it to read, I read about all of these different kids that were bouncing off the walls. When I got to the end of the book it talked about the newest type discovered, children who were quiet almost withdrawn. Bingo my son. The doctor told me my son was one of the worse cases he had seen. He was put on Ritalin and went from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s in one month. All he needed was that missing chemical so he could concentrate in classroom work. Potter

1 year ago

I agree absolutely with @potter. My GP told me that everyone diagnosed with a long-term condition undergoes a change in their mental state – on top of this, as @potter says, it can be an MS thing in itself. I take antidepressants and always will. I expect you’d accept treatment for other aspects of your MS – this is no different. And like other symptoms, it needs to be managed so that you can get on with your life.

1 year ago

Hi Saffy!
One thing that helps me is trying to focus on the things I am greatful for. I read this article that says writing down 3 things you are thankful for before bed helps a lot! I’m still trying to get into the habit of doing it regularly but it does help when I remember!

1 year ago

Agree with the others about possible medication (if they find it necessary), but also therapy has helped me a lot! Being able to talk about all of this stuff to a non biased person who can actually give constructive feedback is crucial for me. There are so many emotions surrounding chronic illness, I just find it helpful to work through them with someone.

1 year ago

I really appreciate all this feedback guys . It’s been most helpful . I’m glad I joined this site 😁

1 year ago

Hey Saffy92,

What’s your diet like? Probiotics can help with depression believe it or not. Get hold of a book called Brain Maker, it’s about gut health, inflammation and the brain. Well worth a read xx

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