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Losing my sh!t

I have to complain today.

I just sat outside, minding my business and having a smoke (don’t judge please) and a colleague approached me and said “I will take your disease any day if i don’t have to feel drunk everyday”

I almost lost my sh!t… The only thing i could say without losing it was “do you really think I am not “drunk” everyday…”

I still can’t believe he said that. Narrow minded yes I know, uninformed YES. Today was the only day I thought, YES take my disease, I will gladly take yours…. IDIOT…

Sorry i just had to get this of my chest..

On a positive note, my motivation for second line medication is in for approval at my medical aid… Waiting for the verdict and I hope its a YES…

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1 year ago

@antonettefick , there’s one born every minute, I’m afraid. πŸ˜‰

1 year ago

OMS do they have to be a colleague of mine???

1 year ago

Got an even better one. Was stopped on motorway by police last year for drink driving. 2nd question was had I had a drink, I said no, he turned to oppo (they always come in twos) and said “it must be Vodka. I can’t smell anything” Got crosser, did’t voluteer any info, but didn’t” lie Blew in bag, of course it read 0. He shook the breathalyser as if it was broken. When. the ambulance came, he called it nit me, to get I to it I had to get out of car and walk to it. As I got level with him I put my hand on his shoulder and said, very sweetly, “by the way I’ve got MS, do you think that. Ight have something to do with it?” His reply “well people with ms drink as well” I blew at that point and swore at a policeman (not to be recommended) As I pointed out I had just blown 0 on his 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝macine and how dare he.
” 4 hours in police custody not to be recommended, and all because 2 joe pub
If saw me wobbling on motorway services and rang 101 to report drunk woman litowinga caravan. How dare I as a disabled person tow a caravanand live a normal life.😲

1 year ago


You live near Kruger National Park? Cool… I watch Safari Live on the internet twice a day; looking at a leopard as I am typing this…

Ignorant people are everywhere; have dealt with them all my life. Now some of them are MS related.

My favorite was at my 1st wife’s funeral. I was approached by a Chartered Psychologist & made the mistake of asking how he was doing. After listening for five minutes about trivial complaints with his life I finally opened my mouth & loudly said “My life was going great until my wife died”….

His wife glared at him – he left the room & I never saw them again… πŸ˜‰

1 year ago

Lol your right ! Irgnorant plonker . Oh well have to feel sorry for him ! He doesn’t have a clue lol !

Rachael 😘

12 months ago

I love all the comments… Thanks guys… we need to laugh afterwards otherwise i will always be angry about something…

12 months ago

They walk among us everyday.

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