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Looking after children

Hi there,

Wondering if anyone can give any advice/point me in the direction of any info to help me with the challenge of looking after young children?

I’m a stay at home mum to 2 rather lively children (aged 4 and nearly 3). I was diagnosed with MS 13 years ago but it’s been relatively asymptomatic. Over the past 6months/1 year I’ve been finding fatigue a much bigger problem though – feeling very tired, tired legs, finding standing up for too long exhausts me. Looking after 2 preschoolers can be really difficult and wears me out sometimes.

Would anyone be able to share anything they’ve found helpful in this kind of thing? Be really grateful for your input.

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I can sympathize! I’ve got three under three and two older ones in school. It’s tough trying to keep your house running and keep yourself feeling optimal, whatever that may look like. Things that I have found really help me sustain energy is; getting enough sleep(nearly impossible for me at the moment), eating a lot of veg and protein, regular excerise of some form(We walk), staying hydrated(a ton of cold water)and laughing. I know that sounds silly but it is one of the most important things in keeping your mood up, when your moods up, your energy gets a lift. Laughter is so important in so many ways, you’ve heard of the saying”Laughter is the best medicine”, it really is! Best of luck 🙂

Are there play groups you can join? Now might be the time to connect to other parents and start being able to pool childcare. They are entering a great age where they will want to play with others and sitting at a park might burn off some of their energy without you having to use a lot of yours. It was great to have my kids make friends. It gets physically easier from here with kids (though emotional harder)

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Hi caroline
I totally feel your situation. I was diagnosed when my kids were 1 & 3 but it was 4 years later when ms worsen a lot. By then i was walking with a stick short distances i spent 2 years going to parks and parking the car nearby and letting kids have play all the time with car and slowly walking . Things are much better now i got my scooter, i highly recommend it even if you can walk , it saves you so much energy! I got it last year kids were 7 and 9 they got bikes and we are now fully mobile! At home i need the help of them and husband to prepare food since my balance is horrible and i am on a wheelchair and my hands get tired…..
I hope any of this can be useful, your kids are much younger that is more challenging…..not for long, time flies, it will be better when they reach 6 or so….

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