mrratcatcher 06/03/17
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Lonely being young with MS

I’m part of a local support group but I’m a little fed-up with all the people going being elderly and a little mad. Is there anyone out there who is suffering with the daily shadow of progressive MS impacting on everything you do who once had a fit and healthy life and miss it dreadfully.

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11 months ago

Hi @mrratcatcher and welcome.

We have a generational thing going on here. All the “old people” haven’t grown up with the internet, so are used to physically meeting up to socialise. And, they are mostly retired, so have the time on their hands.

The younger generation are expected to work for a living, so have less time. And a lot of the socialising is done in the cyberworld. Faecesbook has a lot to answer for!

But, this is where Shift.MS comes in. It came into being to provide support to those in the younger demographic, as it was perceived that there was no real support.

So, bringing young MSers together, providing pertinent information and allowing peer support is the main aim of this forum. But, local meet-ups are also encouraged and there is Forum functionality to assist this.

PS I’m not that young myself, relatively speaking. 😉

11 months ago

At what age does one officially turn into a “old fart” I’m 32 and my ears are starting to get all hairy n that. I think it’s true what they say after 30 it’s all down hill bloody ms and hairy ears next il be watching fecking mid summer murders and listening to radio 4 on’t wireless

11 months ago

Young at heart…Young in attitude.. going through second teenage…to make the most of living. The fact that folks are here, means they are young…In all sorts of ways.. 😁😁

11 months ago

Hear, hear, @pikilily , I couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉

11 months ago

@stumbler…😘…As you get to know me you will find that I am the most eternal…Up beat… Positive thinking..Look on the bright side..Every comment had a silver lining. . Irritating person you will ever meet…Hence my alter ego is Pollyanna…If you haven’t read the books..Do so. He 😉

11 months ago

I was 27 (again) last Friday and refuse to become an old fart. Growing up is highly over reated anyway.
I’m officially one of the few people under 60 who regularly attend the Reading MS Therapy Centre but to be fair I gotr for Oxygen Therapy and that’s it really.
If I’m down Exeter Way then more than happy to go paint the town Orange (that should be over the next few months as I want to go to The Treby Arms and try Anton P’s food)
In the interim, you hae a friend request, I’m happy to share contact details if you want a chat with a slightly strange MS bird 🙂 xxx

11 months ago

I was 19 at diagnosis – 33 now – and avoided support groups for that very reason. This is a great place.

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