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9 months ago

Hello @unpredictablemum , sorry you are feeling low. I saw on your profile that you are recently diagnosed and on treatment, so it’s all very fast moving to be sure. I was diagnosed over a year ago but feel that it really took me a year to kind of get my head around things, work out how I felt about everything, make some plans. I have found that when I do tell people, they really don’t know quite how to play things which can be a bit isolating. Plus, I think a diagnosis can affect your confidence which doesn’t help either. There are opportunities for meet-ups in London, if you look at the map you can see how many of us there are in the big smoke. Everyone that appears on this site will almost certainly understand how you feel, it’s pretty much a given. This is a horrible time for you, but you need to gather your inner strengths, accept support wherever you can find it, and stay strong. You will be OK……x

9 months ago

If you every need to chat you are welcome to inbox me.
Ive been diagnosed since 2002 and the loneliness, even in a room full of people, can be awful. Looking at your profile, we are on the same treatment so maybe we can swap notes 😊
Anyway, please know you are not alone on here and we will always understand.
Your true friends will stick around and you will make new ones. Thise friends are worth holding on to.
Take care

9 months ago

Hey unpredictablemum,
It’s tough eh? I have a diagnosis of CIS so feel quite alone not knowing how this is gonna play out but the people on this forum really do get it!
They are so helpful and friendly and also there is always some one to chat too.
Take care of yourself
Sending virtual hugs x

9 months ago

Hi @unpredictablemum and welcome.

It’s difficult for others, as there’s little awareness of MS out there. So, no-one knows what to say and how to act. And, they just avoid us.

9 months ago

What a lovely friendly bunch of people you are!
You have made me smile 😃 x

9 months ago

Hiya unpredictablemum,

I have experienced something similar. I was diagnoses about 15 years ago, living the high life, working but partying harder and then, I couldn’t do either. I was sacked from my job for trying to blag it because I could’t cope and had not opened up about my condition or admitted it to myself. I could not go clubbing or pubbing or take recreational drugs with ease any longer. I changed but I was living in a world that hadn’t. I went to university ad moved towns, went to collages throughout London and did all the free courses on offer. Joined a Church and got married and am now expecting my first children. The secret has been to meet strangers, strangers are lovely as they don’t expect anything from you aside from politeness.

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9 months ago

@brianputman2103, that is a great post. A huge door closed and a massive new one opened up……lovely 🙂

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