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11 months ago

@fayed90 it’s hard to explain to people who don’t feel it daily. Sending good thoughts your way.

11 months ago

Hi @fayed90 , that’s exactly the driving force behind Shift.MS, to provide a support network for the younger person.

So, please feel free to ask any questions and you’ll soon feel less lonely. 😉

11 months ago

Very true, thank you

11 months ago

Ive been abroad to the uk 3 years i was away from my family in saudi i felt the lonliness since i was alone that was 7 yrs after dagnosed studied worked alone distract yourself have fun and avoid over thinking try to live ur life as before daignosed best u can.
Ur gorgeous and young life is long and longer and harder with worries. No one knows everything about ms not even drs.

Be safe

11 months ago


Unless your personality changes due to fear, paranoia, etc… You have the exact same support you had before diagnosis. I just tell people that I have MS but it is no big deal (because it is not to me) & they treat me the same as they always have.

For example I was in a meeting yesterday; my bladder told me “30 seconds or less” so I walked away in the middle of a conversation. When I came back I told the person that MS gives me no time for a polite explanation & apologized for walking off. He said it was fine with him & we continued the meeting…

11 months ago

Don’t ever feel alone, you are not! x
When you are first diagnosed you feel like your the only person in the world with this awful disease. I felt like a freak, I didn’t want anyone to know. What I discovered is more people than I realised were fighting their own battle, whether it be MS or something else. MS taught me to look after my mind and body, also to show more compassion to others 🙂

11 months ago

@fayed90 even the Neuros don’t really know much about this illness so don’t feel dismayed. I felt really unsupported when I was first diagnosed but it got better, especially with this site.
I think your feelings are normal.
Hang in there

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