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Loctavan Simple Sclerosis Strategy???

Hello my dear friends, once again i have found a certain treatment for MS. Did anyone attend this strategy and could tell me more about it. What it is, how it works and so on. Thanks in advance 🙂

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1 year ago

@matic91, I think “Caveat Emptor” is the way forward. US$50 for an e-book seems a bit steep!

@stumbler said it a lot nicer then I would have. I think it’s a complete scam. There is so much misinformation in just the description on that page why even consider trusting your life to the actual content given that. If you are looking for alternative or natural solutions there are so many better studied options. Anything that keeps information secret and not peer reviewed is probably a warning sign of fraud.

1 year ago

ok i just asked but thanks for the information 😀

1 year ago

I Don’t trust anyone but me to manage the ms these days- and advice you have to pay for? They are con artists mate…

MS might take our balance, our peace of mind, the lifestyles we are used to… but it can’t take the burning desire to do The best we can. And that’s all we can do.

We have to be our own best friends.
For my best friend, I would research, research, research every option – pharmaceutical and other wise…I would treat them like a child: treats, days out, laughs, distractions in technicolour variety… invigorating music in the day, soothing music in the evening…
For my best friend, I wouldn’t try to understand too much, I would try and accept and simply believe blindly that things would get better…
I did this with my best friend a few years ago.
She was an inspiration.
She didn’t need me for anything other than to listen to. Which I did, avidly.

She ate toxic free vegetables, gave up gluten, exercised, was kind to everyone all round her, especially herself. She was a better woman than I will ever be.
I regularly have chocolate for breakfast…

She created magic moments for her children and the people she loved around her.

She did all of this and she was dying of a brain tumour.
We used to laugh ironically about how I felt worse than her a lot of the time, and so we thought she didn’t even have MS…

It really brought it home to me that no one truly knows how you are feeling.

And most people, unless they are dying or have
MS, don’t understand. They can’t possibly know what it feels like?

Practically, emotionally, logically you are the best person to take control of this, and make your own bespoke daily action plan.

Accepting that things may not be the way they were is hard….

but if you can go to bed knowing that you have done everything you possibly can, and you will rest easier and when all else fails, I remind myself that it could be worse, I could be dead!

Thank you for precipitating that… It’s words we all need to hear… Take care and good luck

1 year ago

wow @mermaidia11 your post was really inspiring 🙂 without any doubts i agree with almost everything that you wrote, however i dont see MS as my friend but rather as my compulsory wife 😛 i try to betray her several times, but she always comes back to me 😀
Nevertheless talking to people who have MS about my problems is really good for me, i feel understood and more confident that there might be someone who at least listens to what i havee to say and not just turns the back to me.
I wish you all to meet such nice people who take at least five minutes for you and of course all the power,, confidence and positivity on the world. As i already wrote once, we are all in the same boat, but we may take the paddles and sail to where we want although the sea is not always calm. 😀

1 year ago

Mermaidia11 and matic91, great attitude! I do exercises in bed first thing, go on an exercise bike for 15 mins – I’m building up to 30 plus. Use a walker up and down the kitchen for about 10 mins. In the evening watching tele I do 20 slow stand ups/sit downs to keep the legs strong. As you say mermaidia11 ‘if you can go to bed knowing you have done everything you possibly can, you will rest easier’. Forgot to say….I try and get outside too. Keep going and don’t let the bugger win!! Sharing is soooo good.

1 year ago

Sport on merfield! Cheers dude

…, there is always a spare metaphorical paddle here, as we travail that sometimes choppy waters of MS!

A bit of understanding goes a long way and sadly lacking in the normal world I find, this is why this site is good and making friends with our nautical companions is good for the soul, especially when normal land slides out of view

I’ve only had one marriage partner that I couldn’t wait to get rid of, so far lol

What I meant was that we have to be our own best friends.

As in, I treat myself like a ✨🦄princess 🦄✨and then I don’t expect it of anyone else, and I’m therefore never ever disappointed !

You will make good friends here, as I have, but the best friend you will ever have on your journey is your own self.

(Although a problem shared is a problem halved, and sometimes annihilated as a result…)

It can be a lonely, frustrating and thankless task looking after yourself… but still, no one else can do that better than you or understand more!

Is this making sense ?

Votre meilleur ami est vous-même

Good luck on your journey, you have made it this far, so well done!

✨🌈Peace,love,light and a hefty dose of MagicnSparkles☮️💕✨

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