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Locked Jaw

Has anyone else had any issues with their Jaw?

I had botox for migraines a month ago and 2 weeks later I started having locked jaw, my family doctor sent me for an xray and it was not the start of TMJ so she guesses it was due to the botox. But I am still having it, everytime I yawn and open my mouth wide, then my jaw clicks when closing. Wondering if it is all just the wonderful nerves.

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9 months ago

Hi @melkess
My jaw locks all the time.
Its done that for years, it cracks and pops every now and again, Dr and dentists keep telling me it’s nothing to worry about, my daughters does the same.
She keeps being told it’s one of them things.
Maybe we’ll both get a definitive answer here.
Or it’s just one of them things.
Keep smiling

9 months ago

I have always had cracking and clinking in my jaw but a few weeks ago it locked and really hurt for a few days, it was when I yawned also, I found it really frighting I am thinking of seeing cranal chiroprator,my own chiroprator look at my jaw last time I saw him and it seemed to help for fews months.
can you tell me what TMJ is?

9 months ago

TMJ is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, a pain in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement.

@melkess , it seems that the botox may have a part to play in this problem, preceding it by a fortnight. The botox would take that long to disperse and do its stuff. It numbs the specific areas where it’s injected………..

Whereabouts did you have the botox? And, has it made any improvements to your migraine problem?

9 months ago

my left jaw always clicked every time i go to the dentist. Many people have this it seems and mainly muscular in origin . however 3 months ago my whole mouth seized up[no obvious cause take note] and was very painful for a few days and i could only eat by pushing small mouthfuls into my mouth. After a few days this improved and so now i only feel this occasionally. Now is it m s related or not? Dentist said to use a hot water bottle on it in the evening . If no improvement in 2 weeks he would make a mould to wear at night because tension and/or teeth grinding is not good. over time m s gives rise to all manor of little stuff and the individual has to make choices based on various balances etc. bit of a b***** really. i thought i could lose a bit of weight, every cloud etc hey ho

9 months ago

@stumbler I had the botox in my neck, jaw, temples, forehead

No, it has not improved the headaches at all. I still continue to have them EVERY SINGLE day, from the minute I wake up till the time I go to bed. I live off T3s, I have tried several other medications and nothing has worked yet.

9 months ago

@melkess , it could well be the botox which is interfering with your jaw.

I’m sorry that it hasn’t helped your migraine. I used to suffer from these and can appreciate how debilitating they are.

You have my sympathy. Just keep pressing the medical profession for an answer.

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