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Living Proof – First Scottish Screening

Hi all. I just wanted to let you know that this important documentary will be screening publicly for the first time in Scotland on Wednesday the 19th at the Waterfront Cinema in Greenock, Inverclyde at 7pm. I have a poster with all the details on it, but i’ve no idea how to post images here. If a mod can assist, I’ll share it.

If you’re in nearby areas and you’d like to see it, I’ve included a direct booking link, and also the cinema’s phone number should you prefer to phone. I saw the trailer for this a while ago and felt compelled to have it screened at my local cinema. Which, after some work, is now happening.


Direct Booking link

Waterfront Cinema Greenock: 01475 732201

Film listing link

Filmmaker Matt Embry and his family are devastated when he is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Having previously directed documentaries on Theo Fleury, Jann Arden, Ian Tyson and WP Kinsella, Embry allows cameras into his own life as he and his father, Dr. Ashton Embry, embark on a quest to find insight into the incurable disease. Instead, they discover controversy, confusion and even allegations of conflicts of interest between Big Pharma and MS charities. 

From England to Iowa, Embry encounters other MS-sufferers who share their own information and question if neurologists, Big Pharma, academia, government and multiple sclerosis charities are keeping MS patients from accessing alternative treatments for the sake of profit and greed.
In the vein of Roger and Me and League of Denial, Living Proof stylistically blends first-person investigative filmmaking, hard science and a compelling, heartfelt story of a father and son’s fight to discover the truth and save lives.

I hope this helps someone. ✌️

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9 months ago

I just noticed I missed out the month, and as I can’t figure out how to edit these posts, the full screening date is Wednesday 19th of September at 7pm.

9 months ago

This looks brilliant! Thank you so much for posting. To have a different perspective is invaluable and after all, knowledge is power!
Sadly, I’m miles away from Scotland so I wonder how I’m going to get to watch it?
Thank you for posting – after 24 years nothing has changed but people like you and the Embrys May start the revolution required
Thank yoi x

9 months ago

cant thank you enough
all my life I’ve been refusing to have MS treatments yes I suffer atrophy in my brain but for some reason its active and hardly ever cause any relapse
this week I went to the neuro and she disrespected me and even my mum keeps shitting us ordered me to have 1g cortizone and gylinea I reported to her manager that shes not right in her position her attitude is so negative and disrespectful
and after watching this there is no chance I accept any toxic in my viens

9 months ago

@nutshell88 @mermaidia11 You’re both very, very welcome! The Film’s official site is on there you can see where’s nearest to you on the screenings page , for somewhere nearby. If you don’t think you can make it, you can also get a dvd of the film directly from them.

@nutshell88 you have my utmost sympathy, I’m in a similar position to you and I also feel the same way you do.

The team behind this film are very helpful, and if you approach them via the contact page showing interest in screening the film near you, they will help you, just as they helped me.

I encourage people to organise a screening in a cinema near you to help your local community, increase awareness, give people hope, confidence and show that there is another way.

By the way, for anyone who thinks they’d like to travel to the screening, the cinema’s full address is…

Waterfront Cinema
10 Custom House Way,
PA15 1EG

The man in the film, Matt Embry, has also set up another site through his father’s registered charity in Canada called which is a very useful, concise site describing his full strategy.

They also have a site called, which contains a wealth of resources and all his father’s research papers. Well worth looking at.

Best wishes to everyone

9 months ago

@quantummechanic thanks for mentioning me
I don’t think it would be possible to watch it on cinema I’m not UK resident
I am Saudi Arabian.

cheers again the trailer itself delivered the idea

9 months ago

@nutshell88 No problem, I understand your situation. If anyone is not able to get to a screening, here’s where you can get a dvd of the film delivered directly to you..

Maybe you could show a screening of it for people in your country in the same situation?

One woman in the Trailer is Dr Terry Wahls, who has SPMS and was resigned to a wheelchair but through following a diet she researched herself “The Wahls Protocol”, which also overlaps with what Dr Embry researched, she managed to reverse her situation and now goes on bike rides with her family and is back practising medicine again. Stay strong. I hope this helps you mate.

Best wishes

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