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Liquor and improved walking???…

Has anyone ever experienced their walking improved after drinking a few shots of liquor??

I know this sounds strange, but I noticed that after I drank a few shots my walking felt less strain and rigid than normal… More natural.

I have drop foot issues and difficulties in general with my left leg and balance problems but noticed improvements with walking after drinking. I almost felt that my walking felt normal!!

Does alcohol effect the CNS in a positive way, or is it just an placebo effect?

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3 years ago

I guess it could be described as ‘help’ if it relaxes the muscles so stopping the spasticity šŸ˜‰ I read on a forum that a glass of red wine could help with tremors and yes, NOT trying to encourage alcohol obviously but the odd glass glass of wine did help when I had an occasional tremor šŸ™‚
Sonia x

3 years ago

@Chate , I can see the alcohol placing your whole being in a relaxed state.

Usually, we’re tensing ourselves, just in case the next step, or next movement, goes wrong.

As normal with alcohol, we can go through that “indestructible” phase, where we believe that nothing can hurt us. Perhaps, that’s your answer???

3 years ago

So we need to become alcoholics too!! Ha ha too funny !!

3 years ago

One thing I’ve learned since diagnosis is the extraordinary ‘mind-body’ connection in MS. I suppose it’s all to do with the way the brain processes messages. If you’re feeling relaxed and in control, your body somehow obeys you! It works the other way, too. One of the first times I saw the neuro after dx, I was waiting ready to tell him how I was coping. I was perfectly fine in the waiting area and the moment I was called and walked the 20 yards to his consulting room I felt my leg weakening and then give way. I limped through the door and felt an idiot. The neuro laughed it off – a very typical response, he said! I compare this with getting butterflies in the stomach – you can’t stop them coming or alter how they feel, no matter what you do. The only solution is to remove yourself from the cause of the butterflies. I’m not surprised that having a drink helps the walking. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you find the same effect from being in good company, being engaged in something really interesting or having a really good

3 years ago

I seem to be okay when I’m walking at home or alone, but as soon as I encounter fellow pedestrians I start to walk like a drunken staggering fool!!! (Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but that’s how I often feel) It definitely depends on your mental approach.

I just noticed that my walking seemed more natural after I had a few shots. I guess it just relaxed my limbs and mind thus improving it???

I’m gonna experiment this weekend and see what happens…

3 years ago

I completely agree! A couple of glasses of wine and I can walk in a straight line, manouver round obstacles and stride out a little! Too much doesn’t help, but enough to lessen the muscles cramps and I feel pretty normal . I think they should prescribe a daily tot on the NHS!

3 years ago

A couple of drinks does improve my mobility but there is a fine line a couple more and it becomes very messy

3 years ago

Totally agree, I have no plan on getting drunk! Just have 2 shots and see if I can notice any improvements…

3 years ago

Totally. Thought I was going nuts but I seem to have a ‘golden hour’ where 2 pints makes my mobility almost normal. It’s so nice being able to walk normally (at least for a bit). Any more than two and I’m in trouble though!

3 years ago

I seem to be okay when Iā€™m walking at home or alone, but as soon as I encounter fellow pedestrians I start to walk like a drunken staggering fool!!!

@Chate,thanks for bringing this up,i thought it was just me–thought i was having a panic attack or something.Im all over the place when enter a crowd,cant even stand still without leaning…Then fine when on my own!

3 years ago

My walking problems are very similar with foot drop and general left leg problems. I’ve also noticed improved walking after a couple beers. I just feel so much more relaxed and I think I just walk without thinking about it so much. I have problems walking/balance if I percieve that i’m crowded or have limited room to move. That mental hurdle seems to go away after i’ve had a couple. Of course a couple more on top of that and my walking is worse than before I started drinking! šŸ™‚

3 years ago

I noticed this . Walked to town for a drink , stumbling /tripping on way . Much better after a couple glasses of wine !

3 years ago

It’s definitely mind over matter. The more I think about being in the public eye the more my walking issues arise.

I’ve got a wedding to attend this weekend, so that’ll be interesting!

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