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Hi Guys

Sorry for the post in advance, hope your having a good weekend !

Just a few questions if anyone can help.

I started having some strange neurological goings on in December 2014, main symptom was Lhermitte’s along with hand tingling and cold sensations on legs.

Had four neuro appointments at that time, one second opinion Neuro. All of their in office Neuro exams were normal.

I then had 4 mri’s of brain, neck, full body and all came back clear, then a lumbar puncture also clear so MS at that stage was ruled out.

Until now I’ve had odd goings on but nothing major, I’ve gone back to sport, abroad for holidays etc and tried to forget until last week when I’ve had l’hermittes back again!

It’s exactly the same as before, same arm, same sensation, same fingers etc Could this now be ms ?

The last time this happened was after a few falls in sport which led to shocks through my spine and tingling at the time. Same happened this time so I’m hoping this could be related ?

Apologies for the long text ! I owe you guys some time back !

By the way I’m a 33 year old male , reasonably fit, good diet etc.

Thanks in advance too, any opinions appreciated

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8 months ago

Ps apologies for lack of spacing I must not have used the site correctly 🙏🏻

8 months ago

Hi @krisp84 and welcome.

The body is a complex piece of machinery, as you are finding out. Unfortunately, the symptoms of MS do present in various other conditions too, from a simple vitamin deficiency forwards to quite serious conditions.

You are quite right to be wary of a sports injury causing a form of trauma to the spine.

Have you considered a chiropractor to explore this avenue?

8 months ago


Hope your well!

Thanks for the reply..I have seen a chiropractor previously but currently any looking down or indeed up with my neck causes the buzzing into my left arm, fingers on that hand and left foot so it’s out for now

I was hoping the fall in sport had caused it as it has happened twice following a similar issue. The only other thing I was thinking may support this along with the normal mri’s and LP was having the same symptoms twice exactly the same, down to the fingers the buzzing is on, would potentially suggest a more defined mechanical issue ?

Thanks again for the answer, it’s greatly appreciated

8 months ago

Have you checked your Vit D level? Mine was extremely low when I was diagnosed and I have read it can cause other numerous problems. Potter

8 months ago

Hi Potter

Not checked this no

I take a low level vitamin D tablet anyway, I’ll make sure we look into this too


8 months ago


A lack of sufficient b12 can also mimic certain MS symptoms. Ask your GP for a blood test and if so then it’s easily sorted out with regular injections.

8 months ago

If you decide to take vitD, look for supplements of 5,000iu. on the internet. That dosage is not normally available over the counter.

8 months ago

Hi Thanks guys

Really appreciate the advice

@scramblelina I know we tested for B12 before and the levels were ok, only thing noted at that time was slight degenerative disc disease but nothing pressing on the cord etc

It’ll be more MRI’s be the sounds of things, still holding out for a mechanical issue within the spine as I get Lhermitte’s worse when leaning forward and looking up

Thanks again guys really appreciate the time taken to answer

8 months ago

B12 level was 450 if that makes sense

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