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11 months ago

@markstuart , there should be a webinar on the subject of managing stress here :-

11 months ago

Well I can almost say I’m the same case with me.
@markstuart Life repeats itself there’s always something we all have to do.
Can’t deny My job is simple and my family spends on me so I dont have to worry about that there is always something.
I am rrms I guess I had two relapses since 2005.
I’m off treatment out of worry I get worse in another way other place organ by side effects and thats enough to do my head in lol but I enjoy simple things shopping coffee tea traveling 🙂 and hopefuly driving soon 🙂

11 months ago

Judo!!! When I’m not injured from doing it, it’s a great stress reliever 😊.

When I can’t do that, listening to music whilst going for a bike ride or walk helps.

Avoiding the stress is probably the best antidote for anything but if all else fails then a glass of 🍷 definately helps:-).

11 months ago


I completely understand you.

I am trying to remain positive, but for example last night I woke up and I got this intense fear of loosing my ability to use my eyes.

That’s how my MS started (bilateral ophthalmoplegia) and even though I recovered, I fear that at any moment it can come back.

I am in therapy, which helps a bit (and I recommend), but I do think it takes a person with MS to really understand another.

I have found that dealing with the situation via goal setting somehow works.

For example for a day on which I feel stressed or anxious, my main goal would be to pamper myself as much as possible in order to reduce stress no matter what. For a day on which I feel a bit calmer, my goal would be to work on my actual life goals. But one thing I have learned is that when I m not in a good mood, other things are very hard to be achieved (if not impossible).

I don’t know your situation, but if you can afford it (time wise or any other way wise), pamper yourself as much as you can/need. You deserve it.


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