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Life and it's Tricky Ways (Venting) ๐Ÿ˜

Hi everyone,

Been a while since I posted in here, I hope everyone is doing ok. I have nothing new to post about my MS related stuff except my Neuro wants me to change off tysabri sometime next year. I am hesitant, but I’m open to consideration about it.

Anyways the rest of my life I feel like I’m coasting by and not really getting anything out of it anymore I’m 24 I have a good job and some great understanding friends. Still single just haven’t found the right person yet.

but I just don’t feel satisfaction anymore I feel like I’m just doing the same stuff over and over. I eat really well, i go to the gym 4 times a week plus walk 10-20km a day. My sleep is ok but that’s just because of the shift work. I want to go on a holiday but dont have the funds I’m currently saving and possibly going to Japan in February.

work is getting more and more stressful at times, with more responsibilities and hours but no extra income/opportunities to move up the ladder.

So because of this I decided to make some more changes in my life, because work isnt getting me anywhere I’m going to try and get into the Police Force, I know with my diagnosis chances will be slim but I have to try. I haven’t had any MS related symptoms for 10 years so now’s the time I think.

I’m also doing another course closely related to police work but is not exatcly police work. Just to upskill and be ready for the role if I get the opportunity to get employed.

if you made it this far I’m so impressed someone is that interested in my life haha.

Thank you if you did, if anyone else has stuff they wanna share feel free I would love to hear some lovely stories they dont even need to be MS related just vent away it’s such a healthy thing to do sometimes.



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10 months ago

I broke down twice today. Like, ugly cry face type of breakdown ๐Ÿ˜› I was just having an off today.. nothing in particular. Through the day I told myself โ€œdonโ€™t forget to smile,โ€ which is something my father used to tell me. Is there something you tell yourself when youโ€™re not feeling so great? ๐Ÿ™‚

9 months ago

You’re feeling that you are coasting? Then stop. You’re young, healthy, capable, do whatever makes you happy.
I mean, being terrified brings nothing to the table, at least that’s how I see it (one of the rare positives that I’ve learnt due to MS).
As for dating, my perspective is a little bit different, due to being a gay guy – in the gay culture, ‘the body’ the way you look, is prominent. So, after a couple of one-night stands, shortly after my DX (don’t blame me!), I gave myself some time to re-adjust priorities (generally – in life, but also in relationships), and I’ve realized that some expectations will have to change.
What I’m trying to say is: the ‘routine’ you mentioned is normal and healthy, if you enjoy it. If you don’t – evaluate your options and explore them.
As for smiling all the time – I don’t do that. If I feel happy, I smile, if I’m not – I don’t.

9 months ago

Oh, as for Tysabri, I’ve just started it, and enjoying it immensely, but Ive talked with some people who had a smooth transition after many (10? 11?) yrs on it.

9 months ago

Hi @brando

Itโ€™s good to get things off your chest. I think I can see that you feel a little bored of the routine you have. So maybe you need a big change or just a quick break such as the japan trip you are planning. Iโ€™m certain from my own experience, youโ€™ll love it there.

Keep up the ambitions and good on you for not giving up on joining the forces. Good luck .

Why is your doctor looking to change your medication?

9 months ago

Hello @brando, I thought your post was refreshing; you are highly active which is great, and are sensibly considering the next phase or stage. That because youโ€™re leaving the phase of student/asolescent/ dependent behind you and are now gonna carve out a life for yourself. You seem full of energy which is refreshing for somebody like me, whose younger days are way past. Since I got diagnosed last year, once past the initial shock Iโ€™ve spent a long time reorganising my thoughts and life. Changed diet, repirioritised work (in my case, made it less of a priority) and sought to restablish some waning links with family and friends.

Everyone goes through a kind of floundering stage, I think itโ€™s great you have standards for yourself. You may have MS but the world is no less your oyster, you could go in any direction on your upward trajectory. Good luck and off you go!

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