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Lesions found on spine

Hi all,
I was diagnosed Aug 2016, with the discovery of lesions in my brain. A further lesion appeared on my 2017 scan. I recently had a further scan due to new symptoms, however this was looking at my spine aswel. The scan thankfully showed no new brain lesions since my last scan, but they have “probably” found two lesions in my spine.

Firstly, why can they not definitively identify that I have these two lesions? There are so many probablys and possiblys with this condition it does my head in! So many of my questions are answered with a maybe. It really frustrates me because it leads me to thinking I’m “maybe” making something out of nothing or going mad.

If I “probably” have these lesions what does that mean or indicate? I guess it could mean these are new lesions, which could explain the sensations I have in my foot, hand and face? I also have a numbness that I believe has spread up my back. Would this indicate why?
As they cannot compare this scan to another (as it is my first spinal scan) will they just use this as a baseline for future scans to monitor it as they cannot use it to identify any progression right now?
Would lesions in the spine indicate a factor to back pain, as this is something I suffer with, along with a permanent numbness in my left hip which has recently spread up my back.
If anyone has any similar experiences or any “possible” answers I would love to hear from you.

Thank you x

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1 year ago

@marymoo , unfortunately, our Neuros are not magicians and MRIs are not always “black and white”. MS is therefore unpredictable and full of possibles and probables.

MS shouldn’t be causing you the back pain. Well, not directly. However, MS can cause weaknesses, which we tend to compensate for. This can introduce poor posture and gait, which leads to unnatural pressure and stress being placed on other muscles and joints, which in turn leads to pain.

Talk to your MS Nurse about this and request a Neuro-physio assessment, who can identify any problems and prescribe simple exercises to address.

Strange sensations are a common symptom of MS –

1 year ago

And definitely get your vitamin D status checked, as this can be a cause of musculo-skeletal problems, as I know to my cost.

1 year ago

It’s not so much the probables in the letter, but more so the lack of explanation and advice. They did the scans as I had new symptoms, they’ve now told me the findings of the scans and that I should be reassured but I’m afraid I can’t be as, even though they are not duely concerned I am still left with these new symptoms. Am I just to ignore them and carry on then?

1 year ago

@marymoo , you need to ask your Neuro to explain the cause of the new symptoms. If they are down to a relapse, then should your DMT be reviewed?

As your Neuro may be difficult to contact, you may want to have this conversation with your MS Nurse………….

1 year ago

In the letter they have put to stay on the same DMT. I’ve written to the MS nurse, so I’ll see what she says. Thank you for responding x

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