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Lemtrada new medication …,

ew medication…
Hi everyone,
I was just told today that I have to come off my medication tysabri. I’ve been on it for 4 years now and it’s been fantastic MRI results have been stagnant since day one and I feel amazing; however I have developed the jcv antibody, so my
Neurologist is making me come off of it! I haven’t had any relapses in 4 years! I am now going to be going on lemtrada … I am only 28 and want to start a family, what are people’s thoights? Reviews? Open to anything please!! Thank you in advance !

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1 year ago

@brittanybelieve , as far as I’m aware, Lemtrada is “pregnancy-friendly”.

The DMT only stays in the body for a matter of weeks. So, a few weeks after round 2, you will be all systems go.

You raised another post asking the same question about Tecfidera. This DMT needs to be stopped before you try to conceive.

Your Neuro should understand and explain your options.

1 year ago

Lemtrada works from my experience. It might take you off your feet for a while after you take in the medicines and steroids. You also need two sessions spaced 12 months apart. But apart from that, and monthly blood and urine tests, end of treatment.

Do it.

1 year ago

@ brittanybelieve i was on tysabri for two years with no relapses. When i was 28 i also had to stop taking tysabri becouse of the JCV. I was just married and wanted to start a family so my neurologist recomended Lemtrada. I had R1 in december 2016 and now i am 30 days post R2. My neurologist recommends waiting 4 months after R2 before i try to conceive. I think Lemtrada is very different from Tysabri, the first weeks after the Lemtrada infusion i had some mild side effects, mostly fatigue, but i had a great year with no relapses and i hope it will be a couple a of years until R3

Good Luck

1 year ago

My MS Neuro only prescribes Lemtrada to women with active MS wanting to start a family.

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