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Lemtrada diet??

Heloo my Friends just a quick one how you manege your lemtrada diet what to eat what to avoid???any books ?any advice plz @tracyd,@[email protected]???☺☺☺any help is more than welcome .Next week is a final week???

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2 years ago

It’s the same rules as for pregnancy – I’m sorry I’m away unexpectedly right now so I’m only on phone and iPad so it’s hard to go copy and paste stuff will be home tomorrow evening and will post more xx

(You may want to remind me of this)

2 years ago

Ok Thanks i will remind you tomorrow thanks @tracyd ????have a nice evening

2 years ago


Your information has been so helpful to date. I just signed my patient consent to start Lemtrada yesterday so I’m looking forward to this info too!

2 years ago

Congrats @ashory! I hope you can start soon! @tracyd is your best source for diet info, etc. Also wondering what your issue is with iPad cut and paste. Because MS took my dominant hand from me and other things, my SW engineering days on all things pc and other devices have been relegated to all things iPad and android tablets! They have been God sent for me and glad to help in any way possible!

2 years ago

@tracyd Heloo ?

2 years ago

@ashory So sorry it’s taken so long to come back and do this.
Diet etc is as follows
•People taking Lemtrada have an increased chance of getting an infection caused by the bacteria, listeria. Avoid foods that may be a source for listeria or make sure that the food you eat that may contain listeria is heated well. Foods that may be a source of listeria include deli meat; unpasteurized milk and cheese products; or undercooked meat, seafood, or poultry. Avoid salad leaves unless you KNOW they’re well washed and grown well.

General advice is this should be for 3 months after treatment, some health providers will say until your lymphocytes are back to a certain level but they don’t seem to agree on what level they ‘need’ to be at.

Personally (and we all know I’m a massive hypocrite) after about a month I was eating rare steak again, I’m a salad dodger anyway so that wasn’t a problem and the rest I just sort of phased back in slowly but always produce from reputable food sources, farm shops etc – perhaps it helps that I’m a big foodie and am very particular about what I buy and from where – I don’t trust or want to buy supermarket ‘produce’ I like to know exactly where what I eat came from and how it was grown / reared

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