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Leg problems

I’ve experienced neuropathic pain in my right leg for 4 years now but for the past year I’ve had a lingering tightness in my other leg behind my knee. We have had some pretty crazy hot weather here for the last month and I’ve been extremely stressed. This tightness has become VERY noticeable. It’s like all of the muscles behind me knee feel like the are holding me knee from bending correctly. I have also had terrible muscle pain in my calf as if I have done too much exercise (which I haven’t!). If I stand on my tip toes it’s gone, but the minute my feet are flat- the tightness is back 😒😒. I’m seeing my neuro next week the day before I go away… wondering if i should see him sooner as I’m not sure if I need steroids? I don’t really want them 😬

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1 year ago

I’ve also noticed my knees are clicking which is odd… I’m wondering if I’m walking funny without even noticing?! My hubby says I look fine!

1 year ago

@lozwo , it could be that your muscles need extending by stretching exercises?

There’s some suggestions here, , but you may want to consult a Neuro-physio to discuss.

1 year ago

I’ve had similar issues intermittently over the 13 years since dx. In every case, I’ve referred myself to a physio and in every case it’s turned out to be a musculo-skeletal problem. I have abnormal gait and this has massive implications for both legs’ tendons, muscles and joints, which can get inflamed and either under- or overstretched. On the one hand, there’s the MS damage but that is compounded by the way your unaffected structure tries to compensate. At the moment, I’m battling with tendonitis so am going to need ultrasound and massage, as well as my own daily stretch routine. So I would say, get yourself looked at by a physio and don’t assume this is (purely) neurological. It may be, but a physio will be able to say definitively if there is also a musculo-skeletal issue.

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