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Leg pain

Hi all, I’m experiencing a lot of leg pain right now 🙁 literally from my hips down. Usually I’ll just have my left leg hurt but this is so annoying 🙁 laying down hurt walking hurts. My legs are weak and it feels almost as if there’s to much blood going to them (that kind of soreness I guess) I don’t know really how to explain it. Anyone have any ideas? 🙁

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1 year ago

@nikitadawndelorey , this sounds like your legs may be suffering from physical fatigue. Like a marathon runner, your legs will be filling with Lactic acid, making your muscles burn.

OK, we haven’t run that marathon, but our brain may think that we have by getting mixed messages from our nerve ends and, therefore, sending the wrong response.

So, rest up and recover.

Just my thoughts on this situation………..

1 year ago

Totally agree with @stumbler. And do you have an exercise regime? I find generally that sensory symptoms are quietened when the body is exercised but not exhausted. Maybe you’re overdoing some aspect of your exercise or even your ordinary getting around – if you’ve overusing certain muscle groups because the MS is causing you to compensate, that will certainly cause discomfort and pain. An assessment from a neuro physio would pin down any problems in your musculo-skeletal system and you’d be shown how to minimise them.

1 year ago

Many times I go to bed at night and my legs feel like they have been through a grinder, unbearable most of the time.
Feels like growing pains as they called it when I was a kid, but a lot worse.
I tried to do the exercise thing but that only made it worse.

Currently going through a relapse at the moment which has left the left side of my body numb, the plus side of this is that I have only half the leg pain at night for now 🙂
Naproxen helps but by no means works wonders.

My trouble is I’m a stubborn git and ignore warning signs in the day as I try to do my best to ignore this ms thing as best I can, unfortunately paybacks a pig.
If by some chance I do take note in what’s going on payback seems a lot fairer most of the time.

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