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Ladies is it just me……

or does anyone else feel really lousy with their MS just before the “time of the month”
I know generally healthy people feel lousy but do your symptoms really worsen?
Im feeling so weak, a little shaky, my “wall walking” is even worse and this extra cold is not doing me any good either. I have been noting the last few months Ive felt worse
Anyone else feel crap at this time of the month? x

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5 years ago

Yes!!!!! I get sooooooo much worse when due on… It has been like that for me for a few years now and I thought it maybe thyroid related before MS diagnosis but thyroid blood tests were ok (even though raised my docs weren’t interested pfft!)…

Now I guess it must all be related to MS and I was reading recently how hormones do affect MS (pregnant women are supposed to feel better during pregnancy) so I am going to see what I can maybe do to balance hormones as much as poss or raise reduce estrogen etc…

I feel even more weaker when due on and my periods are so much heavier (sorry if too much info)… Do you find this?


5 years ago

I’ve been getting this since before diagnosis and around ovulation as well so it sometimes felt like I was having a mini relapse twice a month.

Spoke to my MS nurse and she advised me to take the pill or implant…… saw my GP for the prescription who tells me that there is research concerning the link with MS and hormones and whether it could be related to the fact that more women get MS.

So I’m waiting to see if there’s an improvement next month………fingers crossed. X

5 years ago

I knew i should not have read this loulou lol how you doing hope you and your family are well?

5 years ago

Yes big time.

5 years ago

I used to be on a contraceptive which reduced the pain and heavyness I had before but I’ve just recently given it up! I haven’t had a period since so I can’t say if I feel any different or not. The last few months have made the headaches worse for sure! I decided to change everything about my lifestyle and reduce the amount of artificial stuff I put in my body. I’m thinking maybe that was a mistake now!

5 years ago

This is interesting & I always remember feeling absolutely great when I was pregnant! I know hormones have always played a massive part in how I feel… Haven’t been pregnant for nearly 18 years!!! But I wouldn’t be surprised if I had the beginning of MS then seeing as according to my MRI report I have “extensive damage to brain and spine”…. But anyway I hope lots of research is done in to this as hormones may have a lot to answer for… Hmmm they’ve actually had a lot to answer for in my lifetime lol…

I’ve gotta try and research now in to how to get the balance as right as poss… It’s quite confusing all the estrogen progesterone combinations and then there’s testosterone too!!!


5 years ago

I felt terrible, just before it was due the fatigue was so bad I couldn’t get out of bed for a few days, now I have the implant I feel good and don’t have to worry about it ruining my plans anymore

5 years ago

Mine seem to get worse as i get older. Part of it is the fact that a womens temperature rises during her period which can exasserbate ms symptons – at least according to my ms nurse. Also we get tired more easily and our sleep is more inclined to be disturbed.

So dont worry its not just you!

As for the “ms holiday” during pregnancy, thats one of the avenues being explored by scientists/doctors right now in the search for better treatment or even a cure.
Im not an expert but my understanding is that they hope if they can understand what it is exactly which causes a womens immune system to “quiet down” and accomodate a baby then maybe they can produce that effect with drugs and slow down or stop relapses.

5 years ago

Cazzzzzy, Im feeling so weak especially today, I am really hoping I will feel better in a few days, even really wobbly on my crutches much worse than last month, and Hugmachine yes my sleep has been awful the last few days, really bizarre dreams too!, I may try another Baclofen tonight, my nurse advised this but the last time I upped to 30mg at night I was like a zombie the next day!

5 years ago

Hi Loulou! … Hugs to you xxx …. I totally know how you feel and it is so s*”t, I’m always worse when due on and there is one or two of those days when I really feel it. You will feel better in a few days again when this month passes, also our iron levels drop when on so this doesn’t help either…. Have you had blood tests etc to check levels?
I’ve just had physio round and she wants to use pilates with me which I’m chuffed about and that can help balance and wobbliness… Have you tried pilates? That may help your balance!

Hope you feel better soon and I hope this passes quickly for you!!! Take it as easy as you can


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