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Lack of energy- malnourished?

Hello. Recently I’ve been feeling as though I have no energy at all & can’t be bothered to do even simple tasks. I realise that this can be a MS symptom but a friend suggested I may be malnourished so may possibly benefit from having protein shakes or supplements. It does make sense because I do eat much less than I used to. I don’t have the same appetite anymore.
Just wondering if anyone else takes protein shakes or protein supplements?

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1 year ago

I don’t take supplements as such but I try to eat some protein rich snacks throughout the day (stuff like nut mixes or jerky or something which isn’t necessarily very starchy or sugary) and I’ve noticed I haven’t been as hungry lately. I think it’s been easy to just have this stuff around in a bag as it doesn’t really go off so you can have a handful when you need it.

Definitely useful for my work!

1 year ago

Hiya Lem…..Sorry to hear, your going through this bad patch, or a worse than it is already, patch, with this MonSter…..Have been on Protein shakes for a few months now, started on FORTISIPS, now on AYMES COMPLETE & a Fruiter one FRESUBIN JUCY….Like you lost all appetite for food, ended up hospitalised, for my sins, went down to 8stn 7lb’s, had Dietician, Dr and MS Nurse, sorting me out….weighed myself last week & am now up to 10stn 6lb…. but like you still have problem with the desire to eat….just not interested in food, have to really push myself to nosh, now…..& getting going & the desire to do things. even simple things…. 🙁 …..Talk to a dietician & your GP if you can & see what can be sorted out for you, maybe. I could be talking out of skool here (never could speel), but it just might be an avenue to find out about….Red

1 year ago

I take vitamin D, turmeric and a big multivitamin.
I make sure I have plenty of vegetables and sunshine.
I’m also following a Ketogenic diet right now (because I’m fat and need to lose weight not because of MS) which means I’m having protien shakes and bars, I don’t have more than 30g net carbs a day. I find that when I do this, I have loads of energy and it has massively improved my mental clarity (but that could also be related to me not drinking wine too)

1 year ago

In fact, I have placed a very similar question to my dietitian about a year ago and she told me that a single vitamin or single group of micro elements won’t do the job. And that I need to get some multivitamins that would cover the highest possible range of substantial health aspects. She recommended me to take trinest for women which is basically 3 different supplements packed as one that i take within a day. So far so good.

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