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Knee Pain

Hi, I’m new to the group.

I have a question, does anyone have knee pain? My left knee is killing me. It’s like I have fallen on it. I can’t walk correctly, which then hurts the hip.

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1 year ago


I frequently get painful joints, especially knees. Sometimes it is so painful I have trouble sleeping.
It can effect my ankles, wrists and elbows as well. There is no swelling (until recently but that’s another issue) but very sore.

The pain is deep in the joint though so may be different to your pain. I imagine if it feels like you’ve fallen it’s quite a sharp pain?


1 year ago

Hi @slg9 and welcome.

MS doesn’t cause physical pain. Well, not directly!

Indirectly, MS can cause weaknesses and our bodies automatically compensate. However, this compensation can put unnatural pressure and stress on other muscles and joints, which in turn can cause physical problems.

A good neuro-physio assessment should be able to identify the underlying problems and prescribe simple exercises to help resolve.

1 year ago

Yeah, my pain is not technically physical, l it’s neuropathic.
Pain is one of my major symptoms (back & neck mainly). My neuro reckons it’s caused by MS related nerve damage.
Since then they’ve changed approach to pain treatments and things have much improved. Now I take pregabalin daily and have managed to greatly reduce my pain killer consumption 😊

1 year ago

Oh yes I’ve had them for many years I was a slow thinker in my house flooring is marble and in the winter its freezing I wear socks but not always and in the summer its roasting hot so i never wear socks and walk bare feet on marble and its frozen by central air conditioner in the summer so floor is freezing stairs too and so on now i always wear warm socks and knees pain stopped last time i had it was last year.

1 year ago

@stumbler is dead right! Without a neurophysio assessment you won’t get to the bottom of this. It’s very possibly secondary damage caused because the MS is forcing you to use certain muscle groups wrongly. Wear and tear, hugely accelerated by what’s going on in your musculo-skeletal structure. It happened to me and the physio told me it was 100% predictable, given my abnormal gait. I found the answer in an orthotic splint, which supports the knee in the correct way and encourages me to bend and flex it without strain. PM me if you want details, but I suggest your first port of call should be a neuro physio. (GPs, I found, were useless on this).

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